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Seasonal Imp Schedule

We have been asked by a couple of players about when a player can find X Imp in chests. We’ve created the chart below (which will be added to our help center later on), they you can use as a reference.

This applies the same to both the PC/ Mobile and Console versions of the game.

Update: Separated the image out so each imp appears rather than needing to click on the older image to view.


So, consoles are finally going to get imps properly, because so far winter imp is the first and only imp to be in chests on consoles on purpose.

One step ahead of you for once. :stuck_out_tongue:


Spot on. Still be restricted drop though.

Thanks Nim!

@Nimhain This is excellent, i assume this schedule wasn’t enacted till December though correct?

Which means at least for the console the spooky imp was NOT available in November?

It would be a shame if it was available and i missed it.

Which chests will they be found in…because I haven’t seen Winter at all, and I do almost daily gem and event chests.

@Taisiakat, They will be found in gem, guild, and glory chests.
Edited- Vip also

Thank you.

I will be patient then cause today I got Plaque!!! :smiling_imp:


This has been on the PC/ Mobile for a couple of months. Unfortunately the console version didn’t have Spooky Imp available until recently.

Just necroing this thread as we’ve had a couple of players asking about when X Imp will be available in chests.

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i can confirm imp of love is definatelly droping on pc/mobile already

i think its time we could get some more imp schedule pictures revealed?

(yes @Tacet did it but i want some compact in-forum way to read it, not a video)

It is the very first thing shown in the thread all the way at the top.

all this time i thought it shows only the blue and half of red imp (3 months)
never actually clicked the picture, forgot how weirdly this forum shows too big pictures,

thank you

Don’t mean to necro a thread, but can someone confirm that winter imp is now in chests?

@Nimhain @Saltypatra @Cyrup ?

I got one last week @Draprion while opening a few.

Ok thanks for letting me know.

Gonna be opening a few on Friday!

I got mine last week - BOTH of my accounts (I was floored).

Winter imp is indeed in chests! :slight_smile: