Video: Chests Explained

Hello everyone! Today I go through explaining what all the chest types do as well as opening 300 gem chests, 300 event chests, and 50 VIP chests.


That was a fun video, thanks for doing it!

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Always nice to see another day breaking activity records, and by 100 too.

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great videos! always love them :smiley: glad you didnt have to dump all your gems on your new mythic troops! now to just spend 2billion gold to get mythic common :wink:

thought only 1 seasonal imp was supposed to be in chests at a time?

Howndidnthqt go again? Ceslesttalsia traitstone??

Jk I would have but here’s it far worse. Great vid.

I believe the quote @Nimhain had said was the Spring Imp keeps sticking the Winter Imp back into the chests.

Plus they’re imps… When do they follow the rules?

Yeah, I made a comment about getting Winter, Spring, and Love Imps all dropping during the stream, so I wasn’t as surprised when they happened in the video. It is a bit odd. Wish the Autumn and Summer Imps would roll back around since I still need them mythic.

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Little behind on reading the forum, but nice video, good explanation of the chests too.

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