Thank you devs for the very generous gift


This was very unexpected


And it said it is one of 6 - THANK YOU :slight_smile:


Mine says 1/365…



Agreed, that was a nice surprise. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Rather would have seen a mail informing me what their exact plans are regarding the spawn/cascade algorithms.
'Cause don’t kid yourselfes, it isn’t anywhere close to where it was before Unity, no matter how often you reapeat your mantra of how it should be.


I’m grateful for the gift, but I agree with this too.


Jesus, look a gift horse in the mouth much?


That made me literally lol!


agreed 100%


Thanks Devs for the nice gift.


@Ozball joined @Saltypatra to perform such heist and share the goods with all of us. :wink:
Thanks for the gift!


I really don’t know how to feel about this, but it’s hard after having our other rewards drastically reduced, wasting resources on a troop that they immediately nerf, and the game generally being in a broken/unfun state. I want to be thankful, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see what else happens in the next week, and whether I’ll be around to use this gift.


Some people just don’t deserve nice things…


Thank you Devs, greatly appreciated! :heart_eyes:


Thank you. I’ll take this as my birthday present. :smile:


They didn’t have to do this. That’s how I’d be looking at it. I appreciate what they’ve given us, I hope the rest of the week lives up to the first day. It’s things like this that make me feel less salty about the state of the game currently and consider giving them a few more quid


If they really wanted to give us something they should have just gave us gems back into the lt. All this gift was is worthless crap I’ll never use.


Totally true. But they didn’t have to nerf rewards or break Impervious either. Unfortunately I can’t simply focus on the “gift”, but instead I look at the whole package of what they’ve given us over the last couple weeks. A bit jaded I know, but I’m still trying to hang on :wink:


I totally agree with you there, there’s a lot wrong at the moment and I think something seems to be going on elsewhere too. Maybe they’re getting ‘orders’ from elsewhere?


This is why I’ve been careful to not blame the devs for the situation. They likely have zero control over any financial decisions that are made.

All we can do is hope that they’re passing on the feedback to the people who do have that control, so that maybe they’ll decide that giving a giant finger to the playerbase that keeps them in business is not good business sense. Offer a product that people want to buy, and offer it at a reasonable price, and you’ll sell like crazy. Offer an overpriced product and try to force your customer to buy, and they’ll shop elsewhere.