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About Autumnal Imp

  1. Is it really available from chests right now? I’ve been cycling through chests to see possible drops for a long time, and it was probably one of the few that didn’t show up at all.

  2. If it is available, does anyone know until when? And can you confirm that, in theory, it can be obtained only from Gem, Guild and VIP chests (but not Event)?

  3. Last but not least, does anyone know if it will available to purchase as a glory reward, like the other imps before?


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Kind of curious myself, I wanted to ascend it to mythic. I’ve opened a ton of chests and haven’t received any imps.

Due to the limited time nature, along with the ever-growing number of legendaries, I do hope they add a 500 glory option.

Two Autumnal Imps dropped for me the week it was added back into the chests. I haven’t had any drop since then.


I also got a few more Autumn Imps the week it changed over, but not since.

It seems like the following weeks change-over may have reset chests to before the Autumnal Imp’s addition, but after the Summer Imp’s removal. This is purely speculation, mind you.

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I have ascended my Autumnal Imp to mythic through chests recently so it is available. I believe I got them from glory and I doubt it will be available in chests, especially with the purple imp coming out soon.

This is true, I got the imp early and stopped caring but I do not remember seeing one recently. @Nimhain could you have someone look into this? 5 people in this thread do not build a full case, however it does seem odd.

Yeah I had no trouble getting double digits for the other imps, after going Mythic with them. I’m in a top 10 guild so I get plenty of resources. I think I remember getting one close to changeover because I thought “only one more” lol.

(According to the stats we’ve established months ago, that amount netted me over 200 legendaries.)

If it helps, I also got an Autumnal Imp as soon as it was re-added to chests, but not since.

I’ve never drawn an imp of any season. The only mythic I’ve ever drawn from hundreds, thousands?, of chests is Death. All these chests, all these months and only 1 mythic. I’ve given up on them.

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I have also opened a truck load of chests unsuccessfully looking for the mythics - but also haven’t had an Autumnal Imp.

I think @Nimhain said she would check but i haven’t got any replies

Also got 1 in the first few days since the change, no more of them since.

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven’t replied. The server issues earlier this week have kept me busy helping our support team out.

I’ll check when I’m back in the office (it’s Sunday here).

Autumnal Imp should be in chests.

(Sirrian help me out by checking for you guys).

Also another non-Dev player pulled one a few moments later without VIP chests.

I honestly don’t know which would have been worse - it not being there through some BS error, or me/us simply not getting it through terribly bad luck …

When is Winter? Need a deadline for last-ditch attempts.

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One more week before the Halloween Imp goes into chests, but I have it on good authority that an Autumnal Imp may make its way into the mail as compensation for last week’s server issues :stuck_out_tongue:


… one to go I guess.

Halloween Imp isn’t replacing Autumn though, right? Same as Imp of Love? Since its not a seasonal one.