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Missing Winter Imp, is he available in chests?

Really want to target this troop (despite the odds) so wanting to open the right chests.

He won’t be available for several more months. Autumn Imp will be the next in chests.

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So the imps are only available at the time they’re released? Well, at least that gives me something to look forward to… :disappointed:

I’m attempting to maintain a list of the troops not in chests - Updated “Not in chests” list

Winter Imp is on the list.

Man that sucks.

I’m still missing Autumn Imp myself.

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at least that one should be coming up soon

Autumn imp should be available toniight at 2am cst same time as new mythic. :slight_smile:


Imps are available during their respective seasons (based on Northern Hemisphere seasons), and Imp of Love is available around February (I believe).

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@Nimhain, does that mean Autumn Imp is dropping into chests today (with the new Mythic) or on Monday?

I believe he is going into chests around the same time as the Vampire King.


Nice! Hopefully I can get my hands on this elusive creature.

now is the time! What will you do then? Disney world?

Waiting for Monday when the rest of the August troops are added, then I’ll drop my entire key stash. At that point I should only be missing Plague :slight_smile:

I’m assuming Winter Imp is available now? It’s just that I haven’t heard of anyone getting it recently.

EDIT: Just got it =)

Yeah, I got it too.