Your compensation hurts my brain

Flesh Horror wasn’t available in Explore nor PVP for 24 hours despite being advertised otherwise. So you do the rightish thing:

Arachnaean Weaver wasn’t in Event Chests for 96 hours despite being advertised otherwise. And y’all put it in the soul forge temporarily and make it half off instead of mailing out a free copy.


Because you’re choosing to situationally do the right thing. The Devil…though a legendary troop… Is still basically worthless to 95% of your player base.
However, Arachnaean Weaver is one of the best troops in the game and therefore 100% useable to all. So though you know you franked up. You’re unwilling to mail out a free copy of a money maker to all your players.

And that’s where you fail as a company. Because good will with players will generate way more value than any singular troop can.

As always my unsolicited business advice is given to you for free. As Arachnaean Weaver SHOULD be mailed to each player for free.


Just show proof of a Mythic troop being in Event chests years ago during it’s release week as you cited as precedence as to why Archproxy wasn’t allegedly the first ever of it’s kind… It was… You’re wrong… Do the right thing… This is stupid… End rant.


I don’t understand how they think 1 is compensation. I also don’t understand why players actually thanked them for it in that other thread and then wonder why they continue to do what they do.

Everyone should have gotten 2 copies and no one should have said thank you. You do not thank someone or tell them they did a good job when their percentage of success can be counted on 1 hand.


at the very least they should send out 2000 diamonds before the end of the half price weaver…

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Completely agree

I think people are saying thanks, because we didn’t have to fight in order to get compensation for this bug/miscommunication. Not like #weavergate where they still blame the players for not knowing something they refer to happened 3 or 4 years ago… RIDICLOLOUS

But that the compensation is ALWAYS far to little/low compared to the damage they caused, isn’t new.
Those 50 gems they usually send out for ruining a New Faction Release is an example.

To stay on topic: The Devil compensation should’ve been two copies of the troop to any player that at least played two eligible matches on Tuesday. None to all others.

Offtopic, more towards the “#wEaVeRgAtE” part
I guess the people in charge of the game can generate detailed statistics about which accounts used certain keys during a certain time period and how many (while possibly trying to get AW). Personally I wasn’t sure AW is even in the drop pool and I wasn’t “bot enough” to straight up waste keys directly after weekly reset just to be “the first” and just “to know”. Lets say after ~1h passing by with noone pulling the expected outcome (see public and/or guild chat ingame) it would’ve been pretty dumb or lets say opportunistic to try yourself then, right? Yes, this “tactic” is flawed because it relies on others to do the first opening tries. But, in all fairness, enough botters always carelessly do, so, well, it worx - at is would in any othe game…

Anyway, with detailed statistics which I suppose they do have or could generate about anything that gets spent ingame everyone that used certain key could in theory be compensated - in some way or in some better way as it happened. Why it has to be a free copy of AW I don’t fully understand, because there was never an advert stating “open 500k event keys and receive at least one AW”. Also while opning keys you received other (maybe) useful stuff ingame. But with any decided compensation this would exclude people that didn’t even try or didn’t even log in during these days to prevent granting corpse-accs and the countless multiaccs from getting free copies of AW.
But I can understand people wanting free copies (sent to all possibly multiaccs). :wink: Is the constant crying about “aw” a partial nickname problem?

What really is true: If the people in charge would decide more playerbase-friendly or would even respond (quickly!) it probably would generate more value with people being less reluctant when it comes to spending some money. But then again the fanatsy prices of many stuff. Oof.

Compensation does not fit the situation.

That’s why players have been requesting either a rollback of event keys or the option to exchange an Archproxy Yvendra for an Arachnean Weaver.

There’s an extra twist that Infinity Plus Two has been avoiding to mention so far. They aren’t able to compensate individually, even though they are required to, and it’s entirely their fault. This is likely their main reason for the “won’t communicate further” stance, anything more they admit to, even by accident, can have legal consequences.


A complete rollback, without anyone knowing how far this would even stretch can’t be a serious option and by now is too late anyway. Even directly after a few hours It may had affected everyone, should a few hours or a whole day of any scoring/trophies whatever just/also be erased? Some things don’t offer a “fair” solution for everyone.

If individual compensation also can’t be done simple & fast then I’m still sure they had options to do a better job than -2k diamonds on crafting AW for a limited time, but they didn’t - to whatever reasons. And if that reason is “$greed” you still can’t do much else than rant a bit in forums "ooooh, such a shitty game, greedy fufus, lalala I’ll never buy anything again (13 exclamation marks) - otherwise people would’ve already “done something” (and also “bragged” about it publicly).

At some point it is better to accept things that aren’t life-threatening, “get over it”, move on and decide if it is still worth to play the game or still worth to invest money in it or not.

Quite some time ago there was a bug that consumed copies of troops on a team of ascending all troops.

I wrote a ticket because my Tesla team didn’t work with only one copy left - she should not have been ascended.

I nicely asked if I could roll it back or get an extra copy - I got two.

So they technically can - it’s probably not feasible.

But they could have sent everyone a weaver. Problem is that they think it breaks the economy. I personally don’t think it does. It would have created a lot of good will, though.


Nobody wanted a server rollback, just an individual rollback of event keys spent, on request. The one they claimed would require more effort on their side than it would be worth.

There’s one huge elephant in the room here. Have you considered that people might be reluctant to pursue legal options because Infinity Plus Two would likely retaliate, by terminating the account involved in case they have to pay money back?

Ascension information gets stored in detail in your player profile, the amount of troops you spent and the orbs you used up. It’s easy to check and never gets removed. Unlike some server chest logs that possibly shouldn’t have been deleted so fast while there was still a huge ongoing business transaction issue…

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“What money”? Weaver couldn’t be “purchased” ingame per offering, or? While keys may have some value this isn’t convertible for the “player” into “money”.

Yes, restrictions or even acc termination could be an outcome if someone would pursue legal options. could. only “could”. If someone really wildly enough thinks they’ve been screwed so hard that the only options is to sue, that person should do it, with complete documentation and also publicly announce it. This way, if… another could, if, and so on… if they decide to restrict or terminate something it wouldn’t be easy to cover up.

But seriously, how much bad energy do you all have inside if you think always the worst of a company? And again, does it even make sense then to play on? If something really is so shitty, such a wasted time, or just doesn’t function as intended or as promised or as advertised, wouldn’t it be better to just quit it? or at least adapt by not purchasing anymore?

It is a crap situation all in all. I still think if all “multiaccs” would be banned away the backlash wouldn’t be as much, because those veteran players all have multiple Weaver copies - and then wouldn’t even care for themselves. That would all be a footnote or an eyeroll, nothing more. And as with everything, if you don’t care for yourself, you won’t be as invested. Others would then have to argue that case.

And I somehow think the idea is funny to sue a company about some opened keys that weren’t even bought ingame and then didn’t hand out what was expected. :smiley:

The loot boxes could be opened with premium currency. There were players who purchased premium currency, or bundles containing event keys, just to gamble on Arachnean Weaver. The loot box rules linked from the chest screen explained in detail that Arachnean Weaver would be available as grand jackpot, during the whole event.

They were knowlingly selling broken loot chests, to a target audience rated 10+, then refused to compensate or refund once found out. I don’t think a company can sink much lower.

I believe you seriously underestimate how much money some players spend here.


I’m just saying they can send troops to individual players.

You know what would be better compensation? It’s a bit out there but not really, I was thinking they’d make either Drakuulis or TGK a reward for the Adventure Board. If they want to give away Ghulvania troops during this week, they should at least put one of those two Mythics up for grabs. Or would that be asking too much :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

You know what’s funny. Back in February I caught Covid and had to be hospitalized. So I couldn’t play the game for pretty much that entire month , so I couldn’t play the campaign for Quetzalma and ended up not getting it(I bought the elite pass). I emailed the devs to see if they could send me a copy of Quetzalma due to the circumstances and that I bought the elite pass, I didn’t care about the other rewards. They said they are unable to do that. :upside_down_face:


I would say unwilling would be the better term as they definitely can.

When one of our guilds pulled a mythic from legendary tasks not everyone got it due to a bug. Those who were affected got a copy mailed to them.

Sorry to hear you had to be hospitalized, and didn’t get the troop. They could have made an exception…


I was initially insulted by the compensation too, but you know, it doesn’t matter. It worked out. The other 2 copies were easy enough to find and I crafted the weapon.
One copy isn’t the multiple copies I should have had by farming for that long - but it got me to the weapon with the new days efforts.

Now, after the fact, it feels like an acceptable compromise. And hey, their code should work better for next time. :partying_face:
(As long as they state the limited availabilities upfront! :wink: )