Arachnaean Weaver SoulForge

Arachnaean Weaver will be coming out of the SoulForge by Weekly reset.

Hello everyone,

Just wanting to share an update from the development team to let you know that the Arachnaean Weaver will be coming out of the SoulForge by Weekly reset.

The following days will be the last chance to craft it, if you have yet to have the opportunity to do so.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Body seems unclear


Better than not announcing at all…
Yet I can’t help but feel it’s a sign no actual remedy will be presented that benefits the players who were conned into opening chests trying to get Arachnaean Weaver when they had zero chance to get it.

What was done is 100% illegal.

Yet rather than own up to it or do (better things) to make it right. “Something” was done so everything is good now right?

No. Not good. Not by a long shot. You don’t steal $100 from someone then give them back $10 and expect it to be actual compensation for the crime committed.

All… You… Had… To… Do… Was… Leave… Arachnaean… Weaver… In… Their… permanently. :person_facepalming:

Greed will be the death of this game. Regardless of it’s all coming from the publisher or others in charge.

I promise you, you will lose more money by taking Arachnaean Weaver out of the forge than you would if you left it in there.

And to decide to take it out of the forge at the end of Gems of War anniversary week.

Keep your free rewards, keep your Imperial Deeds. Give us a game instead where at the very least the troops that are supposed to be in chests… actually are. That’s a pretty low bar to fall short of.




Thank you @Jeto for the information. I hope we get A weaver at the end of GoW anniversary week. :heart_eyes:

Thank you GoW for the imperial deeds this week. Looking forward to them on Christmas too.


Thanks for letting us know.

You should probably be more specific, though, as keen observers will point out that “by weekly reset” could mean anytime between now and reset, which was the same kind of ambiguous language that was used to justify not actually reimbursing Arachnean Weaver not being in event chests during the first part of that now infamous overlapping event week with the implied justification that players were somehow not being misinformed when they opened up event chests because nothing in the text explicitly stated that they wouldn’t remove an event chest mythic during an overlapping exclusive mythic week.

I feel like nothing of value was learned here, and that is the real tragedy. 10 to 1 something like this happens again.


Once Weaver leaves the Soulforge, will players finally get their refunds?


“We know you wasted thousands and thousands of event keys – probably every one you had – trying to get a mythic you thought you could get. And because mythics have such a low drop rate, you probably thought it was just bad luck that it wasn’t showing up! Unfortunately, we screwed up. So to compensate, you can now spend even more resources just simply crafting one. But it’ll be half the resources you would have spent crafting it at any other time. Not that you should have had to craft it in the first place. But whose fault is it anyway? I mean, after the first thousand keys, you should have just stopped gambling, amirite?”


I’m not sure about others but my reasoning for saving event keys for weaver was to avoid having to spend diamonds on mythics so i can focus using that resource to forge weapons instead.

it’s great you provided a discount to the general public for weaver. but i can’t help but feel like this discount solution is just throwing egg in the face for people who were most negatively affected by this weaver problem.

but i guess having 6 yvendras is nice :nerd_face: :upside_down_face:


Yeah, id say its about time lol. If you aint earned 2k diamonds by now, you aint gonna get anywhere in this game. Bring the duskbringer pieces back around though, for just a day, so i can craft em real quick. The dawnbringer pieces seem to be the forge every single week.