New special reward troop type

It would be cool if they came out with a troop that it’s sole purpose is to be sacrificed. This troop would give some kind of special reward when sacrificed like gold,traitstones,orbs,or gems. This troop could be found with gem keys, glory keys and in the vault. What do you guys think of this idea?

…I feel like people would spam it and it would eventually ruin the economy. Just saying. Maybe if it had a “10% to gain a special reward” option, but in general I just don’t think it will work. Unique request nonetheless!!

This could be a vault exclusive troop that only drops in the vault.

Yeah, rarity doesn’t stop the “special reward” from being a terrible idea. If there’s a however small chance of getting extra orbs or gems from using an otherwise inefficient troop, it becomes the optimal play and removes variety from the game. Suddenly, if you don’t have or aren’t using new troop, you lose out on access to significant resources that others have access to. If you are using an otherwise unexciting troop for a tiny chance of rewards, you’ve got a boring experience in Gems of Farming.

I’m not talking out of my ass, either. Back in the day, Valk was the only troop that generated souls during fights. Sure, she was pretty useful anyways, but it came to the point where the optimal progression strategy was to find Valk, and make a team of 3+her, or otherwise you wouldn’t have enough souls to level anything. 200+ troops at the time, but every team worth using had to have Valk or you were missing out on souls.

Let’s not go back to that.


Plenty of other games I have played have this type of troop in them and it doesn’t hurt the game or the economy at all.

Then by all means please mention those and the rewards so we can discuss the benefits and problems.

Castle age had them before they shut the game down. Heroes of Camelot has had them. The most popular I’ve seen is you sell it for a large amount of gold or experience. If you merge them it makes the rewards higher for each rarety tier.

You mentioned two games, one that does not exist anymore, that’s hardly “plenty”…

I’m not sure how you want to implement this concept into GoW… If it was a troop that would cause some benefit in battle when killed i see no problem. You could use such troop for many things like pairing it with Princess Elspeth.

But if the troop gives a benefit in resources, specially premium resources just like you mentioned Orbs and Gems, then that’s a NOPE. It would break the economy.

No it is a one time use troop you have to sacrifice it in your troop list to get the rewards. You don’t get to keep using it over and over again. Like we already have for souls but instead of souls it produces other resources.

Then, it’s more like an another extra reward disguised as a troop card.
Considering you mentioned merging to increase the reward i can see how it’s similar to GoW’s ascension, but even with that i’m not sure it would be in something related to the game spirit…

Feels more like an overcomplicated upgradable “chest” that would take some time until it reaches the best reward table possible.


Agreed with Razz. If you’re just going to sacrifice it anyway, not in battle but from the troop screen, why wouldn’t you just give the reward in the first place? We’ve got enough currencies to stockpile, convert, and spend, and enough luck-based “watch months of investment be spent with little to show for it” types of mechanics. Another wouldn’t be welcome.


Its already in the game, and it’s called a Key.

Key: Single use/sacrifice, gives resources.

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I did like the idea until the reward part…

I wouldn’t mind on death events which could give gold/ souls or other things we get in battle. Otherwise I think a trait of on death: death mark a random enemy / burn all enemies / heal all allies would really allow for more diversity, especially if using summoner troops

@Taliesin When I read this it reminded me of the countless F2P games I’ve played using card systems. Maybe some normal games do this as well, that would need clarification. anyways, on the F2P games they use whats known as a ‘boost’ card. Its not meant to be a troop in the normal sense. and you can earn various degrees of this boost card. That when combined with the troop you wish to add it to, it enhances them in a particular way. Since GoW uses your main as a kind of troop, along with other attainable troops through the game. They could then apply these boost cards to the regular troops or even the main. Which for the main I would limit only to x amount of xp, not like enhancing stats outside leveling up. For other troops it could be used (I guess it would seem redundant given we have orbs now) to leveling up a troop, traiting them, rarity. And the maybe a special card not a boost card, but along your idea. That acted like a treasure card. And would be very rare to get. Though I would give it a loot table that you wouldn’t get from somewhere else. Like a special mythic chance, not like the loot table you get now for the so called ‘special troops’ and get a gnome or raven … And you could either bust on it (yes give it the whole sad clown effect even being super rare), or win big , with a lot of gold or gems. And various rewards of varied degrees. All on chance.