Will there be more Vault-exclusive troops?

@Saltypatra @Cyrup

Curious as to whether anyone can share if there will be more Vault-exclusive troops in the future. I don’t see any in the known spoiler data, but it would be nice to know if there are some planned beyond that. If so, I will save up my Vault Keys for them; if not, I might as well spend them now.

Thanks in advance!

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I am surprised we got two Vault-exclusive troops that are yellow, and none that are brown.

To be honest, Coin Purse is a brown Vault troop.
But it somehow doesn’t surprise me that this overpowered (nerf it already!) troop is overlooked.

I really hope the answer is no. Or if they do add troops to the drop pool, make a rework so that it’s not Cedric who drops troops but rather one troop is guaranteed per vault key. I used ~70 vault keys to get Soul Gnome. Even lower drop % would be an insult to players who wish to collect everything. Not the first one though (Sol’Zara and Zuul-Goth are not forgotten).

But as nothing is for certain, I will keep on stockpiling, just like any other resource in game. I hope they keep on adding new currencies to stay #1 in “different resources in one video game” leaderboard. Six colors of candy, six colors of marbles, six colors of unicorn feces, keep em coming please!


I would love an EXP gnome. :heart_eyes:

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Ooh, maybe a Hero class xp gnome too?

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GW points gnome plz!

And a trophy gnome, yes. And an old weapon gnome.


Well, they honestly could have an old weapon gnome that triggered a mini-event like a pet battle…

A gnome gnome would be nice too, to get gnome troops other than the Cedric the Vault keeps handing out. :thinking:

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