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New items wanted in Gems of War

@Kafka @GoldPhoenix0 @Saltypatra @Sirrian
Players want the following in Gems of War:

  1. A new troop every day for the rest of the year.
  2. A new Mythic every Friday
  3. !0 new kingdomes
  4. 10 new fractions
  5. 10 new classes
  6. 10 new Guild Events
  7. 10 new maps
  8. New Troop Class: Godly

New Mythics:

  1. The Gold Phoenix
  2. The Old Salt
  3. Batman
  4. Robin
  5. The Black Widow
  6. The Easter Bunny
  7. Kris Kringle
  8. The Vampire Slayer
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Plus the game we used to play with reasonable well thought out upgrades


So, I take it you didn’t like Pets or Delves?

I’d say not 10 new kingdoms but 8: 2 more for Blue and Green and another 6 for each color for balance. And 8 factions for them, of course.