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Gems of War in 2016

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/gems-of-war-in-2016/
It’s been a pretty hectic 2016 for us here on the Gems of War team… We didn’t realize quite HOW hectic until we put together this little infographic to show how the game has grown in the last 12 months!

So, thank you everyone for a great 2016, and here’s wishing you all a prosperous and exciting 2017 where we look forward to meeting all the adventurers who are yet to join us in Krystara!

Keep smashing those Goblins!

NOTE: Updates & New Troop/Kingdom stats are drawn from PC/Mobile… as we move forward next year and sync everything up, we’ll be able to show the 2017 infographic for our comrades on console too!

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Cool infographic. Let’s get ready for 2017! :smiley:


Thanks for all your guy’s hard work @Sirrian, @Nimhain And the rest of the team!


Ooh. PVP Reword! Needs a reword. Or a rework. Something like that.

Interesting to note this is still not the whole playerbase being represented in the picture - I bet Consoles started with almost no players by comparison, so even more growth there.

i know for a fact atleast 1million of those goblin kills are mine! :joy:


Noooooo leave the goblins alone! Where’s that Gobblin Protection Society when you need them? My phone has GPS. That’s what it means right?
Congratulations on a prosperous year! You all deserve it more. Happy new year!
Does this mean you all can afford a couple more cosmetic packs? ducks and runs while chortling


Wow, that is a lot more than I realized with it all accumulated in one place.

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Great fun. Well done to the devs. Even bigger hopes for 2017. Starting with fixing you know what.


To all the devs - thanks for the great work.

Thanks for creating such a solid game. In the history of online app games, I believe you win the most dollars from me. At VIP13 I think I’ve spent well over $1500 - my second best record is Hearthstone with $500 so well done!

PS: As a gamer, I have been buying games since I was a kid. When I started working, I used to spend as much as $300 in a weekend buying 4-6 games (at $50 a pop) to play with my friends over the weekend. Now I spend more like $20-50 a week on games so gaming has gotten cheaper since the 80s.


Killer - Awesome and since I joined mid year I can only add I LOVE THIS GAME (and the community and the engineering/support/art teams) You guys rock!!!

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Only 121 million goblins? We can do better. Bring on the Zaejin event week!

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Many thanks to the devs for making a great game, and many thanks to the players for making a great community. Onward!


Does this count consoles?

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I’m pretty hard up when it comes to buying PS4 games but have made sure both I (nephilim, guild leader of quimby #18) and my partner, rusty sword have reached VIP 5.
I’ve never spent money on a free to play game before but you guys thoroughly deserve it. The support is second to none and although I haven’t bought a retail game since the last of us remastered came out, I’m more than happy to give you what I could afford over the last couple of years or whatever it is.
Congratulations on your progress and success so far and all the best for the future.
Daniel and Jane (quimby, ps4)


Love this kind of stats.
I wish a happy New year to you @Sirrian and to the rest of dev team.


Are any New Year’s festivities in store for GoW?

Many thanks for all the hard work. May 2017 be as festive and prosperous.

Awesome Job! Here’s to an Amazing 2016 and a World of Potential for 2017! :rocket:


If this was a report card, you made your japanese parents proud.

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