A New Mythic Approaches - Leio

Leio will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

Hey guys. What about zodiac Cancer troop? Is it going to be skipped? My gf was waiting and saving for it.

Gems of War hasn’t been the greatest when it comes to balancing/finishing cycles of any kind. Expect the Cancer Mythic in the next 1-5 years.

On the bright side, there’s a chance that some of the later Zodiac troops will actually be useful. Who am I kidding?

As for Leio, bless anyone that’s trying to make this mythic look good. I gave up after 3 battles.

My first thought was: Why wouldn’t I just use Pan? and I couldn’t find an answer.

If its a Pridelands event: use Ubastet/Umenath
If its a Raksha event: use Ubastet/Umenath
If its a Beast event: use Pan
If its a Purple Beast event: lol. but I guess I’d go Hatir & Skroll instead
If its a Pridelands Beast event: I think we’ll have bigger problems with that pool selection

It doesn’t give enough armor for Settite Warrior to be exciting.
It doesn’t do True Damage to make it worth pairing with Tesla.
Web actively lowers the enemy’s magic/lowers your boost ratio, making it completely anti-synergy to run with Essence of Evil.

Oh, did I mention the skill gets weaker with the less enemies that are alive?


Painful but accurate breakdown.


Combination of 3 factors:

  1. Only boosted by enemy magic stat.
  2. That boost cut in half.
  3. Only targets one enemy troop.

If even one of those factors were to change, it would be a solid mythic.
Boosted by enemy AND ally magic (then cut in half). or
Straight boosted by enemy magic. or
Targets all enemies.

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Another anonymous download has been added to the Wild King’s team…

What’s with the dislike for lionesses that they don’t want to be shown, but hidden under white sheets?

Here’s how to make this troop good:

Deal (Magic+3) splash damage to two random Enemies, and gain (Magic+3) Life and Armor, both boosted by all Enemy Magic. Boost Ratio: 2:1

Why does it have Holy Armor? It’s not Divine or a Knight. Here are some troops with Holy Armor:

There are 15 troops with Holy Armor. Six of them are Divine. Eleven are Knights (and 3 of those are Divine). That mean 14 of 15 troops are either Divine or Knights. HOLY armor. Yeah, makes sense. But then you give Holy Armor to a… Raksha/Beast?

It should have at minimum maybe Thick Hide (20%). Stoneskin (50%) doesn’t fit it. However, I think it should also have probably Agile (20% chance to dodge). As such, it should have gotten a brand new trait that combines dodge and skull damage, so that it could also have something like Thick Skull (immunity to stun).


Tried to build a Leio team but his ‘tank’ role is so weak in terms of damage that buffing with the likes of ethereal sentry plus a skull spammer is the only thing that is remotely effective. Another tin of polish required for a further addition to the ornamental mythic shelf. In fact I think I need a bigger shelf or a welsh dresser. A pity.

Hi All,

I dont have had the luck to get this new mythic troop what is pretty sad with the thousands+ Gem/Glory keys, seals, glory I had but tbh if it comes in soulforge after half year or longer it will not have much change I spend diamonds on it!
As I read a new troop with the title Mythic but come not even close by a decent Legendary real pity

As Aquarius, Im glad that Aquaticus is pretty useful and a worthy Mythic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is it just me that see a vertical line after the drawing?
Seems like my phone or laptop screen is cracked or something everytime I see his full picture.

Same for me on Console.


Its a Tradition we need some kind of error nowadays…


Any chance I could trade my Leio for Wild King :roll_eyes:


Hi @terberos,

That would be nice! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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To necro this thread briefly: Leio’s brightly saturated artwork reads more like a spell card than a troop card to me.

I often find that when he’s in opponent teams I end up double-taking; in my quick periphery scan of the enemy team it looks like one of them is ready to cast, but on closer inspection oh, no, it’s just Leio being REALLY BRIGHT BLUE again.

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