Zodiac kingdom?

GoW has a kingdom for just about everything but it’s missing one thing that would fit right at home its own zodiac it already has Orion one of the constellations in divination fields but it would be awesome if it had an entire kingdom revolving around the zodiac, i’m sure the GoW team could think of some really cool troops for the games own unique zodiac


The reference of the classic zodiac are already there , Gog and Gud , War Goat… But I see what are you dreaming. A special own GoW zodiac sounds cool. Troops with some unique traits or hidden buff team bonus when are together… Nice idea man

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Agreed, maybe they could implement them as new gw reward troops? Pretty sure most people (except switch users) have a plethora of the current ones anyway & if they threw the old ones in the chest pool it’d make up for any loss :+1:t2:

On one hand, Salty told that there would be no new kingdoms before new localization would occur (like it was with Urskaya for Russian localization and Shentang for Chinese). And while Nimhain works on solidifying game texts, we’ll hardly have a new translation. On the other hand, we lack 2 kingdoms - 1 for Green and 1 for Blue colors: other colors have 6 kingdoms each, only Green and Blue have 5.

So far I know, there will be no new kingdoms at all, ever. 34 is the final number, with 34 paired factions to follow.

I heared that they’re planning for a 3rd map to be released next year, maybe in the upcoming 5.0 version. That will be the future devemopment, the actual kingdom system have reached its end, snd the faction system is halfway to its own end (14 of 34 factions out).

Judging after rumours that the third map might be Heaven (or related), it’s actually possible to have zodiac themed content there.