The Unforgiven - Ranked #2 XBOX - Recruiting Top Players for Bracket 1 Guild Wars


We are looking for the very best players who would like to compete for first place in guild wars - good communication skills are ideal!

We are a very friendly group, please contact by PM or via the gamertag Hildegardis to join our waiting list - there may be an opportunity this weekend🖒


Nice to be in Xbox One Super Guild! The Unforgiven family.


After a hard fought battle we took 1st place in Guild Wars this week!

Our waiting list is open, please PM us here or contact the gamertag Hildegardis. We want the best Guild War players, and people that want to be the best!

We also have the Rank 10 guild - these are moving up to Bracket 1 soon too. Join us while you still can :beer:


Well said and it is nice to be in a guild with a great group of folks. Lots of work paid off big league.


We may have openings Monday. If you are a top guild war player and want to play with the best you have come to the right place. If you want a hug I cant help you. Message me here or message the Rob Clark tag at the top of the page on xbox if interested.


There is always a place on our waiting for top players in our main guild and we have other options to offer players with different playing styles in our network of guilds so if you want to join the best organized guild on xbox pm us here or on xbox and we will go over your options.


The guild is pretty stacked right now but please contact for a place on the waiting list!

We can also offer you a position in our other top guild, The Unforgiven II :smiley:


Get on waiting list so if there are changes at reset you will get a shot at the best guild on xbox.


There will be a space in both The Unforgiven and The Unforgiven II.

Please contact if you are interested in competing in Guild Wars and can do the minimum requirements.


Friendly bump


Friendly bump with friendly and helpfull teammates. Its good to be part of it


we have 2 openings for individuals that like to compete with the best in bracket 1 guild wars. We are always near the top so the rewards are nice.


Great response from here and we are full again now, but don’t hesitate to contact and be on the waiting list if you are a top Guild War player who enjoys competing.

We currently have a space in the Rank 11, Bracket 1 Unforgiven II guild.


Looking for one more to join this great guild.


1 space available for a high level, competitive player. Good communication is essential!


The waiting list is back open, people can also join The Unforgiven II guild and become part of the group while they wait!

Both are filled with competitive and friendly Players, message here or the gamertag Hildegardis.

Come join and have fun competing for first place :smiley:


Ok folks we may have a couple spaces open after reset…We have been the top guild the last 2 weeks in guild wars so you don’t want to miss this great chance to get in and help us stay at the top.


1 space available in The Unforgiven, it is a highly ambitious guild but a friendly one too.

If you are i terested in maximising your play then message here by PM or contact the gamertag Hildegardis.


The Unforgiven is a highly competitive but very friendly guild. We earn a huge amount of Legendary Tasks, complete all Guild Events and strongly push Guild Wars.

Contact by PM to enjoy the benefits of a very well organized guild.


Level 1046. TIAGOTLJ_8RVD