The Unforgiven - Ranked #2 XBOX - Recruiting Top Players for Bracket 1 Guild Wars

The Unforgiven is the Rank 2 guild and looking for high level and highly skilled players to improve our Guild Wars performance in Bracket 1.

The Minimum Requirements:
¤ 500k+ gold
¤ 1500 seals
¤ 300+ trophies
¤ Good GW performance

Members are expected to have good communication. Contact us here, by PM or message the Gamertag bobbyhopadop.


Guild is full again.

Anyone who you like to be a member of the most driven guild on Xbox should get in touch for upcoming future positions 🖒

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Recruiting top players now - The Unforgiven is highly active and always looking to improve, we only want the best!

All tasks completed within minutes plus 20-30
legendary tasks each week.

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Come join us in The Unforgiven and reap the rewards. We complete all tasks and many legendary tasks within hours of reset. We all play hard and are looking for others to join our team.

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We have 2 spots open. Looking for active players who want to help push us into #1. Reply here or message ROB CLARK1723 on Xbox .


The best Guild on XBOX if you like completing all tasks within a couple hours of reset and the resources that come with it!


1 space open - join a team of great players and great people :beers:


If you are active but stuck in an inactive guild this is your opportunity to join a guild that rewards your efforts! 1 spot open!

Still looking for the very best players, message here, via PM or the Gamertag Rob clark1723.

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Come join us at The Unforgiven and reap the rewards. Anyone interested can reply here or message ROB Clark1723 on Xbox.

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I messaged ROB via xbox, but no response. I’m interested in joining.

There are 2 spots open currently so maybe he has just not been on today yet!

I have interest in your guild. Unfortunately I’m not at 500+ however I do complete seals and do guild wars and currently ranking my kingdoms. I have some top players looking to change guilds if at all interested.

Hello, I am looking to leave my current guild. I am lvl 1071 Contribute 1mill+ / week 1500 seals, and max out all statues in GW. Thanks GTA

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Currently recruiting, 1 space available for a top player.

Only one spot left! #2 Guild on Xbox one!!!

Currently recruiting! :beers:

I’m interested in the open spot in your guild I’m lvl 368 been playing for about a month now and can’t get enough of it. The guild I’m in currently is hardly active


I have interest in joining your guild.

I’m lvl 1150 can easily meet your requirements (I will go a lot higher depending on what my teammates contribute!)

Are you guys/girls still completing 20+ legendary tasks…if so pls let me know when I can join.

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Always looking for top players that want to join a highly active guild with great communication.

Contact here or via Xbox 🖒