The Unforgiven - Ranked #2 XBOX - Recruiting Top Players for Bracket 1 Guild Wars


It would be better if you could PM them instead as you are hijacking our thread. Thank you.


Sorry, we ain’t your league right now. Just trying to get your left overs.


@Ma5inysLT sorry to interject brudda but recruiting from other guilds recruitment threads is a violation of forum rules. Please refrain from doing this and remove your post

Thank you😎


No problem


No harm done, PM would be more appropriate 🖒


Always looking for top players that want to join a highly active guild with great communication.

Contact here or via Xbox, looking for the best only 🖒


Awesome guild bump


Awesome guild with awesome players! Most active on Xbox1! Everyone contributes!


#1 most active guild where everyone contributes! More than 46k trophies this week because this guild doesn’t have 1 or 2 players doing it all! Very active all of us! We did so many legendary tasks I lost count! Tasks completed usually within an hour of reset!


There is an abacus in the post!


Looking for 1 or 2 players. Leave msg here and you will be contacted by guild leaders.


Bunpity bump bump


Message here, through PM or to the gamertag Rob clark1723 if you are interested in joining this fantastic guild. We play a lot and have a great time doing it!


Looks like we have at least 1 opening for an active player that wants to be in a guild where everyone contributes and resources are plenty! We get all tasks done day 1 every week and usually in the first few minutes after reset! Fun but active guild! Not very many guilds out there like this one! Best guild I have ever been in and I have been in quite a few!


We are recruiting again. Come join us and reap the rewards and enjoy a friendly community of great people!!


If you want to play hard and have fun then you have come to the right place 🖒


If you are an active player we have a spot for you!


HEY HEY HEY come join a great guild!!!


1 spot open now! #2 guild…come join us!


We need another daily player for guild, please reply if interested.