The Unforgiven - Ranked #2 XBOX - Recruiting Top Players for Bracket 1 Guild Wars


We need one player now and another spot will open Sunday or Monday I think! If interested PM us here or on xbox with the Rob Clark gamertag posted in above post!


Come join a great guild full of great people!!


There is at least one spot open and maybe more so if interested contact us! #2 ranked XBOX guild!


We are recruiting. This is a great guild with really great people. Come join us and reap the rewards.


You will be in same guild as Ladyfae! How cool is that! :wink:


We are recruiting. Looking for 2 players to join our community of great people.


A guild where everyone participates! A fun guild to be in! Come join us!


Some opportunities are opening to join a top guild. Looking for VERY active players. Please see the OP for contact details.


Looks like we have an opening today! Snap it up before someone else does! :slight_smile:


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Congrats on breaking a million.


A space may be available for a top player today. Contact here or see the OP.


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1 space available for a top player. Please contact here or the gamertag mentioned in the OP.


We will even let you be paragon if you score lots of points in guild wars…Now how cool is that? :wink:


I am your next recruit. Try me! :star_struck:


GrandLuxxe. Our guild was SafeWord but is breaking up because too many of the key players are tired of bugs and wanky releases. I am looking for a guild.

1500 seals every week except when on vacation. (84,590 is my total seals to date)
200-300 trophies in pvp (18,330 total)
Been either Paragon or Champion every week except 1 week

Gold contribution 300-400 weekly (total gold contributed 27,740,000)
Always play Guild Wars and Dungeon
Sentinels set at level 4…that was our requirement. (Whatever is required by guild)

What I need to know is…I play on mobile iPhone (not Xbox). Is that an issue?

If you need to see screen shots of my stats I would be happy to send.

Also, how do you chat? Just guild chat in game or a third party chat?

Dave (GrandLuxxe)


Hi Dave, there is no cross platform play so you need to find a Mobile or PC guild. Best of luck 🖒


looks like we are one short at the moment. Come join us and you can be paragon in Guild Wars if you can pry it away from me…:):sunglasses: