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Rank 16, The Unforgiven II - Recruiting Guild Wars, 500k, 1500s, 200t

The Unforgiven II are looking for players who can fulfill the following requirements:

¤ 400k+ gold
¤ 1500 seals
¤ 200+ trophies

Top players within the guild can move up to the Rank 2 main guild.

Contact us here, by PM or message the Gamertag LadyFae1969.


There is no minimum level requirement.

Still recruiting, 27/30.

The guild requires just a few more players to complete all tasks each week once more 🖒

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Hi, lvl 510 here, I can easily meet reqs, sending you pm

PM - sent

Guild is finishing all tasks but still recruiting!

Need about 4 players for this great guild! If you can meet requirements there is a spot for you! If interested let us know on here or on xbox @LADYFAE1969

Bunpity bump bump

There is no minimum level to join just meet requirements listed! :slight_smile:

looks like we have at least 3 openings for anyone that can meet the requirements!

Well we still have at least one position to fill! Who wants it? :slight_smile:

2 spaces available this weekend, all tasks will then be completed and 40k seals too.

Come join us and help us grow!!

Hi do u still need members?

Im very active member play every day could easy complete tasks currently lvl 609 only been playing nearly 1mnth have lots of cards up to mythic

I’ll message u on Xbox tomorrow is ur gamertag ladyfae?

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There is space for just a couple of more players!

I’m interested, level 428 and all kingdoms level 10.
Invite code: RUBEN_SY4M

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Still looking? I can meet those requirements. I’m level 798 and climbing daily. Invite code: PIGGY_JBGF. I am currently in a guild and looking to make a move. If you have room, let me know so I can leave my guild and be invited. :slight_smile:

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Hello, looking for a guild upgrade. Leader of my guild has stopped playing and tired of my guilds lack of participantion. I am hoping to join a top tier guild. I am a level 764 right now and currently in the guild “gears of war!” Let me know for sure if your guild is looking for new applicants!?
Thank you!
Gamer tag: WiseUpRiseUp
GOW SN: Kremit


All tasks and 40k seals completed each week. Please contact early if you would like to join this weekend🍺