Rank 16, The Unforgiven II - Recruiting Guild Wars, 500k, 1500s, 200t


I am interested, ILLITHID is my gamer tag. Use to play in the Alliance before taking a break just before guild wars. Been back a couple weeks and can easily meet the requirements.


2 spots open.


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Hope u guys will find someone fast :slight_smile:


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what level is the guild?


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The guild is finishing all tasks and earning 40k seals but needs 3 players. This is a great opportunity to join a high level guild for anyone that can meet the mins of 400k, 1500s, 200t.

Contact me or Ladyfae by PM.


I thought you might :slight_smile:


Hey level 614, can easily meet the reqs, my red n yellow teams are kind of lackluster n i have low stats due to not having 5 stars on many kingdoms, im very social n competitive, i play every single day. Could you describe the guild a little more if ur still recruiting yet?


GT is Sr Beckhauser much appreciated


Looks like a spot has appeared so come and get it…


Looks like a couple of openings today.


Looking for keen Guild War players!

Contact to place your interest in a future space in a very active guild that completes the 40k seals and all tasks.

The mins are a modest 400k, 1500s, 200t, and Guild Wars, with a chatty and friendly group of helpful players waiting for you.

All members are expected to join Discord.

Contact here by PM or the gamertag GaruTheNinja777 :wine_glass:


how many spaces do you have available? I have me and 4 friends looking for a good active guild. We can meet your requirements


what is your current level of you and your friends?


94, 118, 115, 191 and 135


I will PM you.