[New Reqs] The Unforgiven (rank #1) is looking for serious players!

The Unforgiven is a highly competitive and friendly guild. We complete all Guild Events and strongly push Guild Wars.

We earn 60-100 LTs a week and you can also take advantage of tons of helpful information from many veteran players and in our extensive Discord!

We’re looking for:
A combination of:

•100T and 2.5 MIL
•200T and 2 MIL
•300T and 1.5 MIL
•400T and 1 MIL
•1500 Seals

Contact me if you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of a highly active, competitive, organized guild!

GT: AerisaHale
Discord: AerisaHale#3856

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Come join the best guild on Xbox!

One spot open! Get it before it’s gone!

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Ready to join The Unforgiven family?

Looking for two dedicated players!

Let me know if you’re interested!

Come join The Unforgiven Family!

Come join The Unforgiven!

The Unforgiven is recruiting!


Looking for two!

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Looking for one! Come join The Unforgiven Family!

Are you interested? Just send me a message. We have a place for you!

Looking for 1!

Seeking one for Unforgiven and one for Unforgiven II!

Best guild on Xbox looking for 1!

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Seeking one strong guild war player! Ready to join the best guild on Xbox?

Two spots available!