The Unforgiven, Rank #2 recruiting

The Unforgiven is a highly competitive and friendly guild. We complete all Guild Events and strongly push Guild Wars.

We earn 60-100 LTs a week and you can also take advantage of tons of helpful information in our Discord!

We’re looking for:

1000 Trophies
1 mil Gold
1500 Seals

Contact me if you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of a highly active, organized guild!

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Are you ready to join the most active guild on Xbox?

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Best guild on Xbox if you like LTs and a GM that leads by example. Come join the top players in the game.

I’ve been playing for awhile (October-level 950 or so) but my guild is entirely all fairly new compared to many guilds.
Soooo what are LTs? Don’t say l3gendary tasks. I know that. But what are they? I’m guessing we aren’t a high enough lev3l guildwise.


1.000 trophies? That must be a typo, right?

No typo. 1k Ts per week. :muscle:

Legendary Tasks are tasks that can be completed for 1 mil Gold each after the normal tasks are completed 100%. They have a chance of giving you gem keys, glory keys, traitstones, legendary or mythic card. It’s a great way to gather resources. You probably haven’t seen it in your guild. Can you meet our requirements? If not, what mins could you hit? The Unforgiven has 4 guilds and we can find a place for you

Spots are almost full. Let me know if you’re interested!

I do 1500 seals and hundreds of trophies per week. I just started contributing a couple weeks ago but I do over a million per week atm. And I always throw in whenever possible.

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Only at L950 I have a ways to go but I have a solid army w 7 fully traited mythics and a ton of legendary traited. 4 hero classes traited. Have one at 100 and pushing three more over 40.
I’m overjoyed at the progress this game allows compared to others in a short time


I would love to get you into The Unforgiven 2 rank #17 and if you do well you can move up to U1. Trophies is what the main guild is looking for. If you’re interested, can I have your invite code?

The Unforgiven II

Minimum contributions
Gold: 500,000
Seals: 1,500
Trophies: 200
Guild Wars: 40,000
Raid: 10,000 damage
Towers: 100
Dooms: 20

I, too, really enjoy that hard work gets you great results in this game.


Still looking for members! Are you ready for 60+ LTs a week? Let me know!

I may come to a point where I need to move to a higher guild. My guild and I all exited LGOH and came here. At first w … Damn I forget… Something like Infusion Libertella or whatever. I was actually on war beasts first then another war beast then Infusion. (pretty cool bunch)
Then our whole guild from LGOH ended up here so we started up again.
Part of me wants to grow w these guys. I’m 3rd in Guild production wise. Put in lots of time since October and I’m over 1000 and contribute milions a week w the PvP score ending around 6000-7000 however many trophies that is. Probably over 400.
Sooooooo if you know a good mobile guild… So if I decide I want to move up… Which would be tough as I really LOVE Ronin. Som3 really great people…

Seeking motivated, daily players!

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This will be the #1 guild on Xbox within a few months. Get in while you can.


Come join The Unforgiven Family!

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You guys are awesome tbh. Congrats on 66k trophies last week!


Are you ready to join the best guild on Xbox?

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Best and most organized guild on XBOX. Lots of great people here as well.

Do you need some important cards? 60 LTs a week will help you get there faster! Let me know if you’re interested!