The Unforgiven - Ranked #2 XBOX - Recruiting Top Players for Bracket 1 Guild Wars


We are no longer charging cash money to join…Just wanted to throw that out there…:slight_smile:


It’s free to join this active guild…


Friendly bump. Come on guys. We are friendly and we have cookies :open_mouth:


We are always looking for top players to make guild better…even if we don’t have opening it is ok to let us know your interest…openings do occur from time to time at weekly reset as well…


Big friendly bump.


Monday reset is fast approaching…We usually make changes then…If interested in this #2 ranked guild that is also a top guild war guild let us know…


Great opportunity right now for a top player to join our ranks. You will become a member of a guild filled with high level and very communicative players.

1 space available before reset, message here by PM or the gamertag Rob clark1723 🖒


Today is recruit day and we always have a spot for a top notch player in main guild…We may even have a few spots so let us know if interested and if you have a buddy you want to bring with you let us know…We are the #2 ranked guild so there is lots of loot to be had here every week…Guild War participation is a must in the main guild…This is a great guild so what are you waiting for…


It’s still recruit day…let us know your interest and we can make this happen…If you can beat my score I will let you be Paragon, now how cool is that!


bump this post…


bumping this post


End of week changes coming so let us know if you are interested in joining a top ranked always in top 5 bracket #1 guild in guild wars with lots of goodies around reset every week…This is for experienced players that excel at guild wars…contact here by PM or the gamertag Hildegardis.


1 Space available!

We finished 3rd in Guild Wars and have a space available for a player to improve us further. We are looking for an experienced player to compete in Guild Wars Bracket 1, active communication is required. Contact here by PM or the gamertag Hildegardis. :beer:


Keep this top guild in mind around weekly reset to see if we have an opening or two…It never hurts to contact us a couple days before…


If you are a beast at guild wars this is the place for you…This #2 ranked guild is rapidly improving so come join us and be a part of the Unforgiven gems of war family.


This is the best guild on xbox…we normally make a couple changes around weekly reset so might as well come see for yourself…We are looking for top notch guild war players for main guild but if you are not good at guild wars we may have a spot in one of our sister guilds…let us know your interest so we can make this happen


keeping this bumped.


Not only is this the best guild on Xbox it’s also the most organized…because of this anyone who joins the Unforgiven team will excel. If you Don’t like pvp for 12 hours a day but love guild wars we have a place for you. If you are not so good at guild wars but willing to learn we also can get you a spot in one of our other guilds…if you are just a casual player and still want to be apart of the Unforgiven Family we even got a spot for you…Like I said we are the most organized…Happy Gemming and have a nice day.


Very well organised team looking for another top player to add to our ranks. We have room for improvement and can take a player into the main guild today.

Come join this competitive but friendly group!


Contact by PM or the gamertag Hildegardis to join our waiting list, looking for competitive players with good communication :smiley: