The Unforgiven - Ranked #2 XBOX - Recruiting Top Players for Bracket 1 Guild Wars


The Unforgiven is a highly competitive but very friendly guild. We earn a huge amount of Legendary Tasks, complete all Guild Events and strongly push Guild Wars.

Contact by PM to enjoy the benefits of a very well organized guild. We are looking for experienced players with good communication.



A space will be available at reset. Message here by PM or the gamertag bobbyhopadop.

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I would like to join your guild please

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Thanks for the message, PM sent.

Message by PM here or the gamertag bobbyhopadop for future openings.



Em busca de guild. Lv 1091. Todos os reinos lv 10. GW. Raid. Invasões semais. 800k de gold semanal. 1500 selos



The Unforgiven has an opportunity for a high level player with good communication. All aspects of the game are completed to a high standard.

Contact here by PM or the gamertag bobbyhopadop.

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Best guild on Xbox.

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A place will be available at the end of this week - message the gamertag bobbyhopadop.

We are looking for high level, active, experienced and friendly players.



Come join us in this super organized and friendly guild



Let me know if you want to be a part of The Unforgiven family. We have places for all players. Contact here or on Xbox.

Gamertag: XI AlphaMale IX



One spot open. Message me here or on Xbox. Gamertag is XI AlphaMale IX



Spot open. Message me here or on Xbox.

Gamertag: XI AlphaMale IX



We got 2 spots available in The Unforgiven II
(The minimums are 500k gold/1500 seals/200t/40k GW/10k Raid/100 towers in Invasion/20 Dooms in ToD)
If you are interested and motivated to join a team of the top 20 and part of The Unforgiven I and III
be my guest, send me a private message here and I check with you.



Message me here or on Xbox if interested in joining our amazing, friendly guild.

Gamertag: XI AlphaMale IX



From Monday the doors of the first team will be open,
if you want a good challenge and continue to progress in a friendly and competitive world, gathering women and men, welcome.
Note that our smallest team, The Unforgiven X is also recruiting. Ideal for smaller levels who want to grow.
You can contact me here by private message or directly contact Alpha on Xbox (Gamertag: XI AlphaMale IX).
Good game

Dès lundi les portes de l’équipe première seront ouvertes,
si vous souhaitez un bon challenge et continuer de progresser dans un univers amical et compétitif, regroupant femmes et hommes, soyez les bienvenus.
Notez que notre plus petite équipe, The Unforgiven X recrute également. Idéal pour les plus petits niveaux qui veulent grandir.
Vous pouvez me contacter ici par message privé ou contacter directement Alpha sur Xbox
(Gamertag: XI AlphaMale IX).
Bon jeu

Ab Montag sind die Türen der ersten Mannschaft geöffnet.
Wenn Sie eine gute Herausforderung wollen und sich in einer freundlichen und wettbewerbsorientierten Welt weiterentwickeln, Frauen und Männer zusammenbringen, sind Sie willkommen.
Beachten Sie, dass unser kleinstes Team, The Unforgiven X, ebenfalls rekrutiert. Ideal für kleinere Level, die wachsen wollen.
Sie können mich hier per privater Nachricht kontaktieren oder direkt Alpha auf der Xbox
(Gamertag: XI AlphaMale IX) kontaktieren.
Gute Partie



Hello guys, just to let you know that we have some spots open at the moment in april,
if you are interested to join us, feel free to contact us here in PM
or directly on Xbox, here some GT for your messages:
XI AlphaMale IX

Good game