The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


More like 92%, be honest lol.check mine, you won’t see it there.


I didn’t want to exaggerate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re closer than I am…

Me, too. Never have and never will. (I don’t even use that team on offence, it makes me so sick.)


The problem Is they could get +200% stats boost and it wouldn’t change anything after 2-3 justice loop


I use it for attack, I won’t lie, but I am losing more with it as well, Misfire city.


Oh, I not saying the issue is isn’t real and shouldn’t be fixed. I’m saying they desperately need a troop to battle against in Guild Wars and PvP that is 13 Mana to fill, and as soon as it gets its Mana you loose.


You’re so dramatic. I survive at least 10% of the time after that happens! :triumph:


Lost 1 GW fight this morning other team had mercy justice valk and board was full of yellow and purple, no way to block them all, so of course i was dead on the 1st turn


Been there.


Just dramatically annoyed today.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ALMOST got my full 6,300 vs @Rickygervais Guild today. I just needed one more single C. Bat cast (a 3-match filled it) to wipe out the Defense team entirely. You know the drill… Justice 4/1

Edit I “suppose” its fair as it looks we got him once too. Just ridiculous to play this way…


Original post updated for release of Infernus on PC/Mobile. We should be back down to single digits behind on Monday if we get Orc week.


So do you think we will get a small break from justice league?


I don’t know. There will be event points for killing orcs in PVP, so that should encourage some people to put up orc teams in defence, but I doubt that people that give in and put up the VJM teams are the same people that show the love to other players by putting up event teams. We’ll see on Monday, I guess.


Only pvp or explore also?


Assuming we get the same event as PC (and we usually do), PVP and explore. Should be an easy one.

Might need to set-off both bombots in explore with all the stat boosts in Groshnak, though.


Yeah but at normal difficulty it should be quick


Yeah, I just meant it might take 12 seconds instead of 10. :sunglasses:


What Your thoughts about infernus? Make war look like a little girl don’t you think?


No real opinion yet - I haven’t looked that closely. I think War is universally recognized as the worst Mythic, so that wouldn’t be saying much.

“Burn all on 4 matches” doesn’t seem that great for the damage it does, but it might be more valuable once we get the barrier update. It would be another way besides Kraken to deal with Jotnar or FG teams if you want to target or devour barriered troops. Outside of that, he doesn’t seem to do anything really well, though I’m not sure how his damage will scale. It doesn’t seem like it would be much more, if any, than TDS would do, and definitely explodes fewer gems.


Omg i just saw a goblin team!!! Still under the shock



Hey Salty,

I know it is the weekend for you already, so no rush to reply to this. My guild is considering doing a periodic push to hit 40,000 seals in a week and we’d like to coordinate that with mythic release weeks, if possible.

Is it possible for you to confirm, even on a ‘no guarantees, Subject to testing and unforeseen circumstances’ basis, that the plan is to release Mythics every third week for the next while? Or could you let us know periodically what the release schedule is?

We have a fairly casual guild, so we’ll need a little notice to be able to coordinate this.

Thanks. We really appreciate whatever you’re able to share.