The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


I would say since the impervious negated the mana burn, the barrier wouldn’t have been touched.


Yeah but it’s not mana drain it’s mana burn
It’s just weird it remove the barrier on non impervious troop but doesn’t deal damage which is ok but don’t remove barrier on impervious troop


Wrong guess bro but nice try :slight_smile:

Necrezza finally show his face


I saw. Ok so they changed up the pattern. Nothing wrong with that.


Please don’t! Lol.

We would surely get 10th again which pays out the same as 11 - 19… so why take the brutalizing and torture of getting kicked around in bracket 1 when we’ll get payed out the same rewards? :stuck_out_tongue:


Original post updated for this week’s events.

Glad to see them keeping @Shiratori guessing.


I don’t know about all of you but I’m getting excited, our next mythic troop should be Elemaghrim. So pumped to finally have him and Queen Aurora.


Not to ruin the surprise for anyone, but this is the week to get half the stones for Elemaugrim. I’m stocked up and ready! Still have 3.5 weeks to wait, though.


Sorry about that. We did a last minute change to Artema before her release, so we’ve had to delay releasing the Daughters of Orion event until the next update on consoles. So we figured now was a good chance for Bone Naga and Necrezza to appear in the game instead.

As long as nothing surprising comes up this should be correct. We try to double check troops before they release just in case we missed something during the original testing. I’m not entirely sure on the release date as we had to delay Stonehammer a week longer than planned.


Nothing to apologize for. Gives people a crack at troops they’ve wanted to see for awhile and an arcane that will come in very handy not only for Elemaugrim but a number of other troops and classes that can use a lot of darkness.


After a lucky plague from guild legendary task, I am now 100% complete fully traited.


Congratulations. That is a major accomplishment!


It is nice to be fully traited now just need to build up your resources for the future troops and you are set.



Is that looking like a substantial delay, or might there be a mini-update with bug fixes if it is looking like crafting is still a ways off?

I think I’m ready for the orcpocalypse whether it comes next week or the week after…


My guess is that Orcs and Grosh Nak will come next week based on that. Makes sense.


Yes, that would put them back on the two-week delay cycle, with only Frost Lizard in reserve if another event needs to get bumped. I can see why they might want to keep us a couple weeks behind permanently now, at least until they can find a way to quickly update troops on console the way they can with Steam/Mobile.

Can’t say I’m disappointed about dodging the 4x Astral Spirit week (at least for now). Seems like it would be easy enough to deal with, but boring. Orcs should be frustrating to deal with but interesting, at least.


Sign me up. I see the PC players complain about a few points being added to troops making GW ‘harder’. They DESPERATELY need Justice and the console AI and the Gem spawning algorithm all combined simultaneously. Then they’ll have something to complain about instead of rounding errors.

I do hope they put a 3.051 patch out soon so we don’t have to deal with this for 3 more moths.


I hope they would consider doing that after every major update, once the flurry of bug reports dies down and most of the accessible issues are identified and fixed, put a minor bugfix update through certification and then get back to work on the next major update. The minor updates would presumably get through Sony and MS with minimal difficulty. I don’t know whether the cost or some other issue with the approval process might be a barrier to that, though.

I have seen some of those screenshots, and they have a legitimate beef there. Especially when the same player can go do the exact same battle on mobile with significantly reduced opponent stats. Totally different issue than what we’re dealing with, though I must say, the sheer number of VJM this week is mind-boggling. With no event teams in play, I don’t think I’m exaggerating to say that 75% or more of my battles fit the same template, frequently all 3 of my options.


Agree it getting worst every week


It’s funny though when players think they can “improve” on that team by taking out one of the three and substituting something else in. I saw someone yesterday that had replaced Justice with a Kraken. They clearly don’t understand what that team is supposed to do and are blindly copying.