The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


Shiratori stole yours Stan. :wink:


And it won me a Guild Wars match against J-Mab in a desperate moment.

And after a rather monstrous day of legendary tasks being done, on my very last gem key, BAM! On the shelf and collecting dust like most of the rest of the Khaziel troops not named Gorgotha. (Sorry can’t trait you, someone else was rather famished for Mountains.)

Sorry @Rickygervais. I’m sure it’ll drop in your lap soon. And as @Stan said, you do have everything else so my rather empty Apocalypse is truly living up to it’s barren and forlorn atmosphere.


Hey stan, famine needs a buff more then stonehammer. Your not missing much. Crap troop. :innocent:


Whatever. :smirk:

A double-exploder famine line-up is still my bane in GW, even with the mini-nerf to Famine and the nerf to exploders. Thankfully very few players in bracket 2 can field that kind of line-up.


I vote crimson sky bracket 1 next week


As of this morning, we were sitting in a solid 15th place. Exactly where I want to be!

I could see us creeping up a couple spots, but I don’t think we’ll make 12th, or 2nd 11th, or however I’m supposed to read that…


The 1st 11 is bracket 1 11 as they’re 1-11 this week because of glitches. The 2nd 11 is the bracket 2 11 that should get bumped back up.


Is 10th actually in bracket 2? We didn’t draw any of those three teams this week, so I’m not sure who’s actually where…


No. 1-10 and the top 11 is bracket one this week. It was to fix the big glitch to Nemesis. Now hopefully this won’t cause more glitches next week with promotions and demotions but that’s outside my scope of things.


My head hurts


I decided it would be best just to skip all those 10 is 11+ unless its 1-10 then its bracket 2 on Monday if fixed or it will be 2nd is 11th on reset only…

I just can’t follow it, ill go back to the X1 chat where its simple: “the game is cheating WTF”


Short version. You and Nemesis are in a heated battle on the rankings. Everything else is irrelevant. :slight_smile:


I know all about the bug to Nemesis, but I assumed they would have pushed someone down to Bracket 2 to make room, and I thought they needed an even number of teams to make matchups work. Is Bracket 2 only 9 teams, or is #21 actually in Bracket 2? I’ll maybe look at this more closely later, but going to the lake tonight…


You still have 10 in your bracket. It’s only bracket one and Nemesis is on their own schedule. This way everything else didn’t have to be done over.


Because you should be asleep dude!


I counted how many justice league are on the board

5 x in top 10
15 x in top 25


I share your frustration Ricky but this is gems. You have added a lot to this community and I hope things improve for your drops. Grind on Ricky, it will pass and hopefully fun will return soon. Best wishes


so any intel for tomorrow?! xD


If the pattern holds it will be this


So i was playing against a giant team, and there was jotnar and dragon cruncher and the AI did a x4 match so dragon cruncher gained barrier.

But i used mab magic and it didin’t remove the barrier. So i know dragon cruncher is impervious and probably for that reason he didin’t lost barrier but is it intended or it’s a bug?