The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


Too late alpheon sniped you :stuck_out_tongue:


Poop I like to bring the good news.


Well you still can tell us a good news about the new awesome crafting system coming soon :slight_smile:


I knew you would say this.


Can any Dev please come out with what’s going on with the ‘glitch’ please? Is it anything to do with the cascades and looping of the ai?


And i knew you would say that :stuck_out_tongue:

please tell us anything. Don’t need to be something super important, a screenshot of the new currency or anything else would be awesome, it’s been a long time without anything cool to say “yeah i can’t wait for this”

Just a little candy :slight_smile: for the end gamers like me we need something to keep us stick in the game



The graphics are looking real nice. :heart_eyes_cat:


Oh well better then nothing but i think we should find someone else to give us the good news lol it’s clearly not your strengh :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately there is nothing that we can disclose at this time. It’s not that I don’t want too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alrigh i had to try, but you know im not done, one day you gonna talk :slight_smile:


I hit Stonehammer in 500 glory keys.


Grats bud!


Well I got Stonehammer without having to dip into my small Gems stash. 300 Guild Chests plus 400 Gem Keys was all it took. So I should still be able to get ‘the Dragon’ whenever its released.

@Saltypatra are we back on the 3 week schedule between Mythics from now until January?


Original post updated for release of Stonehammer.

Also added to my collection with only 100 gem keys used! You sit on that shelf and collect dust now, buddy…


You sure he confirmed he will be there? Cause mine didin’t get the memo again


200 glory keys :stuck_out_tongue:


Might be an X-Box thing? Or Salty could have flagged your account to turn all newly collected mythics into Dokkalfars. I wouldn’t put that past her…

Oh wait, Strat got him, so it must be the other thing.


Well i got my lesson now i won’t open any chests untill crafting is out im tired of this shit, every freaking time i got no luck and i see everyone say i got it with glory keys or i got it with 20 gems keys bla bla bla.

Take a month to collect theses ressource and 30 sec to spend just to get a big slap in the face. Sorry try again if you mind to bend over again it will be a pleasure


Sorry mate…I had a bad patch of four straight Mythics. Sucks balls but it happens. :frowning:


Sorry man. Overall, I feel like I’ve had really good luck, but I get it. Every time I see someone with a double or triple Famine team, I’m like “Why can’t I have just one?”

You do have every other troop in the game, though, don’t you? (and you should - no one plays more than you do).