The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


@Saltypatra can you please tell us what happenning? You guys removed the sliders ninja style, did you do something else?


Lol @GoldPhoenix0 what happening? You guys fixed something else?


Hey Ricky, we found there was a glitch in the matrix (sad face for not getting the reference gif), if you restart the game in a minute or two, it should be working again.


@GoldPhoenix0 Anything else in the matryx you can fix while you there? :slight_smile:

Do you know if Stonehammer is on the menu for tomorow?


Alright there is couple thing i wanted to know also,

When a troop is entangled and match +4x
skull, it’s still deal 1 damage, so is it normal?

And when the troop got a status effect on the skull match, it’s still working cause of the +1 damages, i feel like it shouldn’t happen when entangled, so it is intended?


Yes. The formula has always added 1 extra damage for each skull matched above 3. So even entangled still gives 0+1 bonus for a 4 match.

Formula gets a little more complicated with some criss cross skull matches.


Ok ty, that kind of suck it work that way, i used entangle on the silence one to prevent silence but he matched 4 skulls and silenced me


@Shiratori I agree with @Rickygervais, Entangle should actually entangle. Just because something is completely illogical due to accidental coding errors and been that way for 2 years doesn’t make it “right”.

Or they should just change the description to say “entangle an enemy and prevent damage on 3 Skull matches ONLY”


Exactly, we been told korvash was not broken when he kill second troop and stunned 3rd one. But when pc mention it, we realise it was finally a bug. So maybe it’s the same with entangle


@death how many total trophy the first ps4 guild got?

We are very close to 1M here 37k to go


Approaching 900k


Will be 900k by Monday if not tomorrow


@Ghaleon nice, do you play xbox also? I saw your nickname there


I have an Xbox but I don’t play there as I don’t wanna start over. Far too much work.


Ok probably someone else who took same
Nickname then you


I did take that one actually I think lol. But it is like level 8.


Probably more then one ghaleon cause the one i saw had good stats :slight_smile:


I dabble plenty on PC with absolutely No intention to start over. I’ll probably stop when the versions are mostly synced. Still like testing the differences.

X1 to PS4 differences are almost non existent.


Stonehammer confirmed for today. :slight_smile:


The crazy console cascading and ai mentalism started when these sliders were introduced. You guys found something? Oh, and I got the reference @goldphoenix