The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


I only got 7,8k , i could have more but the stupid voice in me wanted to try to get ketra and the result is i catched a mythic but not the good one lol

CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Elemaugrim

I’m down to 21k after spending 11k last week trying for Famine :frowning:. No Famine for me.


Lol funny it’s the mythic i catched


That’s a bold move to burn that many gems on a non-exclusive week. Did you pull any mythics at all with that?

I’m still resigned to not getting Famine unless crafting makes it possible. Would be nice, but I’m not one for chasing rainbows… :wink:


It was very foolish as I did get any new ones. But… if I would have got Famine, then brilliant! :grin:

11k Gems on VIP gave 2 Mythics. Another copy of Plague bringing the total to 3, and War now I have 2?

CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Elemaugrim

As the number of mythics that I’m missing increases, I get increasingly tempted to open some chests in non-exclusive weeks, but the odds are still so low. Doubtless, I’d just pull a 4th Plague or something…


Friend of mine opened about 250 glory chests last night he finally got Abynissia, he has wanted that for a long time so I was happy to hear he finally got her.


Yes that was sort of my thought process, I wanted to do it before the next Mythic was added to the pool. After this one I might be forever done with non exclusive weeks as the chance to get a missing one decreases and a duplicate increases.


That’s true assuming you get Stonehammer. I’ve missed the last couple now, so my odds are ever increasing!


Stonehammer will be the first mythic I skip. Not interested at all…something to craft eventually as I need nothing…


I’ve been spending heaps of gold working on ‘Against the Giants’ for 8 Gem Keys. Or 8 additional lottery tickets with a 1:1,000 chance… or winning stonehammer

I’m not a bot like Ricky to finish in the first few hours of the reset :grinning::grin:


Your gonna be kicking yourself when and if they buff him. That’s why I made sure to get Ketras and he got a buff.


Yeah but I also want to be able to craft something when we get crafting. It might get me grinding for stuff in the game again also.

Don’t need souls, trait stones and glory. Crafting might pipe my interest. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Yeah I made sure not to skip ketras but stone hammer holds no interest in his current state. Lol I’m already eyeing off 3 mythic unreleased troops who I want a lot more then the dwarf


Yeah i can’t wait to know what kind of ressources it will cost for a mythic, we already know we will need a new currency and traitstone. But nothing say it won’t cost gems also


My guess is a mythic traitstone will be needed to craft a mythic troop.


I play a lot of games that have a crafting system. Honestly guys this will be make or break for me the crafting update.

Gotta start grinding again soon or will uninstall.


Hummmm wtf it this??? They removed sliders?


What was wrong with sliders?


I gave you a like for reporting it not for the removal of sliders.

I set a defense last night and they were available