The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


VIP chests are showing they’ll change in 4 days. Does that guarantee a new mythic this week? I don’t usually pay attention to that screen…


I don’t know bro but salty said very soon and she said they were too busy with bugs to release it last week, so this week should be the good one.


Every time I read a comment like this it annoys me (not the poster). The thought that they were “too busy” to add an one single troop to a chest. :frowning:. Isn’t some of this “sort of” planned out and put into a database/table in advance with specific release dates for troops?


I just posted what I hope was a thorough, but respectful, reply to Salty’s comment about last week in the Trollololol thread.


Yeah i don’t know how it work, maybe when they release a new troop they want to do last minute test to make sure no game breaker, maybe they didin’t had the time to do it so they decided not to release it


I think that’s exactly what happened with Pharos (last minute test). You’re probably right, but Stonehammer is already in the game (quests) and seemed to be working fine (not a full test, I know). Even if that’s what happened, it just means that they prioritized something else ahead of testing the console mythic.


yeah i’m not giving them excuse but i don’t think it is simple as push a button cause it would be done :slight_smile:


Alright now the big question

We gonna see Stonehammer face tomorow? Or too busy to fix bug?


Are VIP chests still showing a change in 14 hours? I’ve gotta think he’s getting released…


Yes it’s saying 10h but last week it did the same


Oh, I didn’t notice last week. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, then. :neutral_face:


Yes. It actually says this every single Friday morning no matter what. Mythic or no Mythic.


Will he be get buffed… Hmmm. I’ll wait for the mythic dragon I think.


I’ll try a couple hundred gem keys, but that will be about it for me.


Gotta catch em all. Even if they “suck”.


Yeah same thinking only my gems don’t think the same and think i need to burn them all for a mythic :slight_smile:


When mythics release is the only time I open anything. Finally a reason to burn some keys!


I suppose if there not too busy, there is a chance they might buff Stonehammer in the future, as he’s slightly worse then old Ketras and they buffed him a bit.

Going to burn everything but Gems and then decide…

@Rickygervais I can tell your joking but I don’t understand it?


Yeah my bad lol said i think same a @Shiratori we need to get them all but my gems are not thinking the same way and they believe i need to spend them all to get a mythic


I only have 20 gems… They’re screaming to be spent…