The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


It was said that with Stonehammer being a week late they weren’t sure when the next one will come which sounded like it might be in 2 weeks rather than 3 to get caught back up. I’m sure someone can find the “not sure when comment”. So barring another issue, you’re only 1-2 weeks away from the next one.


Thanks, but I’m hoping we can get something of an official schedule. PC/Mobile can plan with some certainty around the first Friday of every month, without having to read tea leaves.


Like I said, the last official comment was “don’t know”. That said something may be shared if they go a week early on Elemaugrim.


PC/Mobile can stay on a perfect 4 week schedule because they get old troops are completely and thoroughly tested for months on console so there ready to go. :wink:

Oh wait… its the other way around😉


Bring on the Orcpocalyse!


Original post updated for this week’s events. Bandit and Sekhma should be in chests tomorrow (4 weeks after glory release), as well as Drake and Bone Daemon which are added directly. That leaves us only 8 troops behind, with 3 of those Mythics.

@Shiratori, do you want to check my work? I think I actually got everything right on the first try this week…


Bring on Sekhma. 200 event keys wasn’t good enough for a single copy of her a few weeks back. Behemoth’s, Behemoth’s bloody everywhere. :smirk:


Unfortunately our schedule has taken a bit of a beating recently.

We typically aim for the third week of every month, but this does change on occasion.


If I get a chance. I’m currently out with the family for a few days and also brainstorming something Guild Wars related.

Edit: Seems right. I don’t notice anything wrong.


So no bone demon?


I don’t think he’s in chests yet. Hopefully once they get into the office in the next couple hours that can be fixed.

It always seemed funny that the daily rollover happens at the end of their work day - makes it hard to pick up on stuff like this and get it fixed sometimes. Probably has other advantages, though.


Glad im sleeping during reset, but what happen to people who spended lot of keys and get nothing?


Has anyone got one yet? I submitted a ticket and the reply was that it is in chests. But if nobody has found one yet and considering it’s only blue rarity then I would think not.


They still get lots of stuff, just not one of these…

I am always a little suspicious when they introduce troops directly to chests, so I was pretty cautious opening chests today. I thought I’d open gold chests to see if a Drake would pop but I wasn’t going to gold or glory chests until I was sure Bone Daemon was confirmed. I got burned on one of these releases a while back.

So far, I haven’t heard anyone confirm that they got either Drake or Bone Daemon in chests, either here or in the event thread. I haven’t been on Global Chat today and haven’t played at all in the last 6 hours or so.


Yeah i just buyed drake with glory and he ls mythic so only need the bone demon now i will wait for dev answer. I won’t go crazy on him, i just gonna try get 1 copy when it will be fix


We’re taking a look into the Bone Daemon for you guys.

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@Nimhain i think drake also got same problem, no one found it in the gold chest


I believe that Drake is only avilable for Glory this week, like a regular event troop.


The news post mentioned that it was in Gold and Glory chests:


I also buyed couple event chest and no drake, only orc veteran