The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

Next mythic November 3rd, hopefully same day as pc.

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And no information? I’m skipping this doompaw guy and am hoping the next one will be better.

Probably a good call. I haven’t read anything that the developers are even considering the possibly of re-examine him. Without a small bump his just not worth it.

I’m a collector so: I got my copy for 1k Glory Keys, 150 Gem Keys, and piped out with 4.5k Gems in VIP Chests.

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Drifting Sands & Purple/Yellow/Brown (arcanes are not know…).

I found a new guy

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…and a new Kindom (the background).

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I just realise we now see how many win and lost we got in defense each day in GW. I like it


So I’m curious now that all platforms are in 3.2 will all platforms get the new kingdom tomorrow? I know Nimhain thought it would be delayed a week so if we have to wait til next week that is fine also.

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Originally she said console can’t have it til the update, so there’s a chance at least!

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I all seriousness… This week is NOT the time for a new Kindom.

OMG, best JC film evvvvverrrrr
I got worms!


Ok, so on monday PC will have Merlantis event. We can’t have that. Could we catch-up with two troops, Fire Giant and Ancient Golem?

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I must say xbox console update also suck wtf? Look like october is the month of bad decisions

After two weeks in Montreal for work, I am back and I think I’m now caught up on all the forum happenings during my absence.

Biggest news as far as this thread is concerned is this:

As I read it, and having downloaded the hotfix last night, I’m twelve days away from being able to shut this thread down:

  • Merlantis console release in 2 days,
  • Next Monday, a simultaneous Ghulvania event with PC/Mobile,
  • Next Friday, the first simultaneous release of a new Mythic, and
  • The following week, our Merlantis event with PC/Mobile’s new troop available as a bonus troop for us.

I will miss this thread


As well I :wink:


You know what guys? Screw it, let’s keep a 1-2 week lag behind PC just for the sake of keeping this thread alive.


50 weeks
164 troops added to list
153 edits to original post
2177 subsequent posts

And that doesn’t even touch all the work that Talia and Shiratori did before I took this over. If you put the four threads together, it would have more posts than any other thread on the forum (just squeaking past the spoiler thread) and the 3rd most views.

It’s been fun, but I’m ready to bring it to a close.


But where i gonna chill now? :slight_smile:

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