The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

don’t close the thread- just leave it open for general weekly console-related discussion…

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Sounds like a good idea to me.


OP is updated for release of Merlantis, leaving us exactly 1 troop behind.

Also, I’m not saying that I’m going to ask for the thread to be locked once all troops are synched, just that I won’t be updating the original post anymore. The only thing that might matter a little bit is the “not in chests” list, but that won’t be console exclusive anymore, so someone could either start a new all-platform thread for that (as @Rasper used to run) or use @Turintuor’s GOW events spreadsheet to keep track.

I agree, I liked coming here with its nice edited main post to see/guess what was coming next. The spoiler thread doesn’t have that and updates get buried in comments. Also spoilers seems a bit… cheaty? I’d actually be OK with a 1 week delay.

So @stan do you think we wlll get Merlantis event or a special ghuivania for halloween?

Ghulvanua Halloween, fish folk week after.

So what are the chances that sometimes the console chest data won’t be synced up to the pc/mobile chest data even though we should have the same content?

I saw that thread recently where the pc/mobile people were lacking Totem Guardians in their Gold Chests, yet my console chest had one Totem Guardian in every 50 gold chests, on average.

Updated for this week’s event. Still 1 troop behind.

I guess there is a chance of that, but it should be very low now that they can update all versions with the same information each week. These things basically boiled down to data-entry errors whenever they happened, so synchronizing everything should only help reduce the odds that something goes wrong.

I’ll jump in here, OZ posted that Merlantis will be next week.

How the hell are we supposed to actually have any event keys? Seriously, this is ridiculous. I love events but it’s just stupid nerfing event key drops and expecting us to be able to have enough just to get one copy of the new legendary.


180 glory will get you an event key and some other items as well.

I know. The legendaries are coming fast and furious and it is quickly eroding my stash of event keys. I get every available event key from guild tasks, daily tasks and weekly events and I’ve had pretty good luck pulling new legendaries (and haven’t been going for more than 1 as they are released), but still I’m losing ground every month.

I got 1 copy of the legendary and for the first time ever, i got a mythic (drakulis) with event key but of course i already got him :slight_smile:

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I know but I refuse to spend glory on an event key when 20-26% the drop rate are non event troops or items. Plus I don’t need maps or souls and in that respect 180 glory for one key Is just stupid.

I spent all my saved event keys on the new legend this week and now I only have 36 after getting all the tasks and legendary tasks done for the week. I got pretty lucky and got the new legend in 50 keys but then got greedy and spent my last 30 hoping for a second. Event keys really need to be added back into the glory packs.

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Mate, event keys are a killer!

Saved about 50 since leaving you guys - spent them all yesterday and got nothing - then made the mistake of throwing all my remaining gems at it, and still got nothing. So goddam close to 9 stars…

Event keys were one of the few resources that I could grind, myself, completely independently of a guild - so that even if one is a solo player, its still a viable, if slow, way to remain on top of collecting troops.

If one is in a guild that doesn’t complete many tasks, or worse, entirely guild-less, then event keys become so, so rare… couple that with their bizarre drop rate and inclusion of troops from other kingdoms, and the few keys one gets just become worthless.

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Hi bill.
I posted this elsewhere…
Hell, I’d take one event key per glory purchase at 400, and the current bundle for the 300 if they remove non event troops and stones from the drop pool.

Hell, I’d take one event key per glory purchase at 400, and the current bundle for the 300 if they remove non event troops and stones from the drop pool.

See, that doesn’t sound unreasonable at all. I really hope they look at it, 'cos this side of the game economy feels like it needs a bit of work.

Was thinking that the Soul forge might prove useful for creating some of these odd legendaries here and there. But its not really a consolation.

*On that note
Went wild and crafted a Xanthanos on one acc, still got mixed feelings about the guy - but I slammed a player for 90 true damage, summoned 2 Pharos Ras and a Drak… Cheeky! Im warming to him.

Other account - kept it simple and went for a Famine - about bloody time.

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They probably are NOT going to do this. Considering it’s how it used to work 2 years ago, and they purposely removed them from the bundle.

There’s not enough in the task rewards, they have nerfed too much imo.