The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

Synced mythic tonight?

Heads up we don’t use our named accounts often on console, we have dev test accounts under different names. :wink:



Full Syncro Mythic!


Just updated the OP for Scorpius release and noticed that I hadn’t updated the “Current Event” in the thread title since Dragon’s Claw (4 weeks ago). I miss @Shiratori keeping me honest.

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Well if it’s any consolation I only use the “Not in chests” section with the date. I find it very useful (and I just referenced it yesterday). So thanks for keeping that up to date.


So tomorrow night we get wave rider + new hero weapon + the same troop as PC as a bonus troop in order to be fully synced?

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Not sure, i think salty said we will get merlantis event

Yes, except I think console may be missing Sunbird in chests for some reason.

After all this time, it is done! Way to keep on it, Stan!

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Maybe I missed it somewhere, but could someone link me to a list of upcoming glory shop traitstones list? (for PS4)

Maybe I missed it… Its almost like azura is actually the legendary in event chests? I’ve opened 200 and got about 3, but 7 leviathan.

Now that we’re all caught up, the best source for that sort of thing is probably this spreadsheet that @Turintuor maintains:

Thanks just got Infernus and Ele need like 50 red/purple arcanes ugh… time to did deep and get my sh*t kickers and straw hat on.


Just want to say thanks to @stan and @Shiratori you both did crazy job!!! now you deserve a break and a beer :slight_smile:


It should only take about 850 explore matches. Have fun!

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Sorry but i had to necro this thread cause im sentimental lol

Anyone know how many total trophy top pc/mobile guild got?

Probably over 2M?

I don’t mind you necroing the thread, but this is probably the worst place to ask that particular question… :wink:

I think someone was running a spreadsheet to track that - might have been zookeeper (?), but I don’t want to tag him unless I’m sure. I’ll see if I can find something.

Edit: it was Actreal, and here is the link. Around 2.5M trophies for #1 right now.

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Oh ty we still have lot of crust of bread to join them lol well we started 1 yr later gonna be hard

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But we got more then 3rd this is still awesome :slight_smile:

We’re also about to hit guild level 3000 next week.