The UI is the new META


Any suggestions how to deal with this team?


is there a troop team that can counter this?
oh yea the Dev team lol


anyone tried to “edit” steam graphics?

anyway at the moment we do have a team that can bypass half of the ui!
you could cover the game board and enemy side and still win fast :slight_smile: so you can theoretically play with closed eyes!

the team:
any flag
Bugged troop
Bugged troop
Bugged troop
Bugged troop

bug is the counter to the current ui meta id say… :rofl:
i guess they will nerf the counter and not the meta… soonTM :sweat_smile:


The straw that broke the camel’s back, enough said.


I’m trying to build a team but missing a fourth troop - any ideas?

download (2)

download (3)

download (4)


add this:
a kid who will play for you
their eyes are more resilient


Here you go


@Whiskeyjack that has made my day. Possibly the one below as it will still be needed afterwards. Soft colours so it doesn’t get worse!





I wonder if hallucinogenic drugs would correct the issue? That or whoever designed it was on them.



The bugged team counters it pretty well. Every battle takes about 2 seconds, which is 1 second longer than I can stand to look at it. But without needing to really look at it to win, I too have ascended into the epic warrior I knew I could be. :smiley:


I must say i had a good time with this thread. Liked every post on it. :rofl:




I won’t lie, the title of this thread gave me a laugh I sorely needed.


Wait, didn’t you get enough laughs the first time you saw the new UI???
Surely you can’t be in need of more laughs about this particular topic!


Glad to hear. It’s all in good fun.


All I know is that it sounds far less offensive to address a Botox recipient with, “hey, your UI received an update.”

That being said, Gems of War, what happened to your face?! :grimacing:

[Looks for door… in a room with no exit.]