Dear Devs, thank you!

I love the new interface. I’m sorry if some people aren’t happy with all the hard work you’ve put into these UI changes. I’ve invested more than a few dollars into the game, and it’s really awesome to see it evolving and getting better. I just wanted to let you know that there are people out there playing and investing in the game, that are pleased with the changes.

And on a side-note, my cousin played for the first time this morning and he thought it looked amazing, he’s eighteen. He said he will tell his friends about it, so for new people it seems to have a positive effect!

Great work, and I look forward to lots more to come!


new interface is horrible, makes my eyes bleed. It was bad enough to have it on dungeons and soul forge, but atleast that was explicit. Now I have no idea what to do with new inferface.


@Zeddicus2017 and you have no trouble with eyes/ reading the troop stats etc?


I respectful disagree with your opinion.


Ah, now we know who made this UI.


I have also invested in the game and playing this game for almost 3 years. My opinion is that the game is evolving in a negative way. I regret putting money in the game. We (player base) didn’t ask for an UI overhaul, so it seems that the developers are looking at new victims, like you hinted.


Not really, no. I don’t know, I didn’t mean to create a place to list all the things people may or may not like. I was just giving my opinion. I like the new UI, and it was nice my cousin liked it as well.


I am sorry you feel that way, but it’s okay, as well, that not everyone feels the changes are negative.

Ouch. That’s harsh. I hope you can get use to it… my eyes aren’t bothered by it at all, and I have slight light sensitivity. I had to stop playing WOW because of the bright colors/particle effects.

you are the one of lucky few then :slight_smile:
i wish i could say the same


I don’t mind the new UI either I really like what they’ve done with the troops so you can see more of the art and how you can see troops on the loading menu going into games. Although that’s a bit buggy at the moment.

I understand some people are having a lot of trouble using it but in my opinion it hasn’t even been given a chance yet. Someone in my guild said it helped him when he turned his brightness down so maybe messing with settings a little can help for people who are getting sore heads/eyes while playing.


Zeddicus2017 must be from another studio fluffing our devs so they keep the terrible UI and loose all their players.

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Do you play Gems since long time? I see you joined forum 1 month ago.
I just cant imagine how a long time Gem player could find this new Ui good.

I play video games since the end of the 70s and THIS UPDATE IS THE WORST UPDATE I EVER SEEN ON ANY GAMES! Its like the devs want to move to another game after 3 years and they imagine ways to make players quit gems.


You’re actually doing the whole community a disservice posting this.

Even if you like the new interface, the mix of old and new interface is a huge mess, and nobody should ever release anything in this state to a non beta audience.

This is barely alpha worthy…


I understand what you’re saying but as we all know forum users are only a small percentage of players. There is a lot that do not come here and use the forums. How do you know the majority who aren’t here like the UI? And if the devs change the UI back ONE thread saying someone likes it isn’t going to change their mind I suspect

Also … the devs paid money and time into this UI and they like it so I wouldn’t count on them wasting the resources used and going back to before. They’ve watched people leave over in game currency being nerfed and troops being OP im sure they’ll be happy to watch people leave for this. I’ve come to learn that the devs only care as long as they see a steady number of new players coming


I am level 1264, I have 1,852 Hours on Steam, and countless hours on my iPad. I play hours everyday, and I love GOW. My character name is Zeddicus, plenty of people know me, or have seen me, and I am very, very active in the game. I was simply thanking the Devs for a UI overhaul I am pleased with, it wasn’t a slight or meant to insult anyone that disagrees with me. I believe I am entitled to my opinion, as you, and everyone else is.


i was watching many people say they hate it on global chat all morning…so more than just on the forums atleast have same opinion.


If they changed the destiny 2 graphics to this:
People would be pissed to.

And rightfully so.

ps… feel free to use this, as it looks better then some of the new graphics in there)


Me too, all I read on Xbox ingame global chat is the same: This new Ui is ugly!
This aggressive white and black thing hurts my eyes.

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I think there are enough “the new UI is horrible” threads.

Is it possible to keep this one with a positive attitude?