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The new Interface

I would like an option to not use the new interface, I find the colors unappealing, and it gives me a headache, I am sure it was a nice attempt at something but it needs some work


its uggo af :frowning_face:


Honestly it does not fit the game at all. As in, it doesn’t fit the art style of the troops. This is not a game where everything should be modern and sleek. I absolutely hate it. Heck, I could deal with the stupid buttons, but the gameplay window is horrible. It’s so hard to discern troop rarity now, the art really doesn’t fit anymore and ugh, yeah, this is just so wrong that I don’t think I can get used to this. I cannot play like this. It’s actually distracting me (not because it’s new, but because everything is just messed up. I have trouble telling life from armor and so on. Everything looks too sleek and black and white). Also some things are just unneccessary complicated now - what was wrong with the small buttons to select explore, challenges and so on? I don’t need an extra window popping up! Why can’t I see my bonuses or what difficulty settings do at first glance but have to press buttons for it? I just… don’t understand.


I’ve found the best way to deal with the new UI is to switch the game off.


id pay for a revert button ingame!


yeah I agree, I do not like how the troop stats are displayed, as well as I can not see what my teams names are now, I have decided to give it a rest for tonight

I have for today, it was stressing me out a bit lol

shut up and take my $5, if only to have it back again, I hope the devs see this post, my guild already lost someone because of this update

Not a huge fan of changes either.

At the very least, give us an option to have a blank background behind the board so it’s easier to see matches when playing.

A fix is underway for this according to @Andrew. It might come early upcoming week.