I find it quite funny actually

I understand most people dont like the new UI and i am not discouraging the expression of that opinion but i must admit i am gobsmacked at the fact that there are no less than 8 threads dedicated to bashing it.

What about game breaking bugs? Barely mentioned. What about globally nerfing traits triggered by 4/5 gem matches? Barely mentioned. What about thw wisp nerf? Not even talked about.

Am i the only one not blind with rage over this update? (Bad alliterative pun definitely intended)

I cant help but find it funny how everyone focuses on one issue and ignores other equally important ones…


The majority wanted a Wisp nerf on these boards. So that means the very minority has to create these posts. When already knowing that one will get close to no support from the community with starting a such thread its generally a wasted thread.

I have no clue why there is so little talk about it, even tho I have seen a few replies on it.


I don’t care about bugs or nerfs because I can’t even play the game now with the new board it hurts my eyes too much. If the board wasn’t changed I would be complaining about the trait nerf.


I think most people are actually happy about the Wisp nerf, but I’ve brought up the match trait nerf in some rather long posts both before the patch went live and after. Bare minimum right now, we should be seeing a refund for any troop with a legendary or mythic match trait and the re tuning of them to fit the new restrictions at the earliest opportunity. I pinged all the devs on the game breaking targeting issue, not really much discussion needs to take place there.

The wavering on the removal of AI sliders was also something not often brought up in these discussions - I was against adding the sliders in the first place for reasons I already went into multiple times, but the out and out removal after it was established just gives a further air of instability, lack of foresight for how it would affect the game when it was added in the first place, and lack of direction.

Seems UI is a much more visible issue for now (unlike the text in the UI).


Gameplay issues (meta, etc.) are background noise for the forum. People debate the meta when there’s nothing more pressing to discuss; the equivalent of a slow news day in the GoW zeitgeist. The UI changes are much more visible, affect absolutely everyone (not just endgamers), and will require at least one major patch to address. People are “blinded by rage” or what-have-you because, with no input into the matter, a game they loved became less exciting or, in some cases, painful/impossible to play.


People are upset because they can no longer play the game. Older folks, visually impaired folks. I myself stated that at 28, with no glasses, and my girlfriend, at 25 with glasses, have a hard time completing battles from the eye strain caused by the game.

I’d be more than happy to discuss meta/nerfs/bugs/etc (and I know about 'em, as do most people), but the pressing issue to me is being able to PLAY to begin with.

I don’t care what’s happening in Destiny because I don’t play that game. I don’t care about the aforementioned because I CAN’T play this game. It’s not just ugly, it literally hurts people’s eyes.


to me its only natural that ppl focus on the most urgent issue :slight_smile:

how can you discuss bad troop balance if you cant play?
thats if you actually wanted explanation :stuck_out_tongue:


I must admit I haven’t felt any more eye strain with this UI than the previous one.


One thing at a time :slight_smile:
You need to make sure that you have work to do every day, not all at once. Monthly paycheck brings more money than the weekly one :slight_smile:
@Draprion, my eyesight is perfect and I do have problems discerning gems patterns on the board, especially brown ones. If the background is dark brown gems looks more like holes in the board or simply part of the background.
It does affect my game speed and instead relaxing fun I have eyes tension.


I’m with @vangor on this… mostly…

I don’t mind the new UI, in fact I may like it when it is finished…

The Wisp nerf didn’t solve the one bit it needed to (that two of them fill in one match) and the traits trigger recode didn’t weaken the Troll/Kraken meta much… the issue remains the trolls, which make too many gems to cheaply…


Actually from broken game mechanics to a horrible UI, the devs have failed the player base as a whole, I still see many broken mechanics that have been issues for at least 1 year still showing up, I can tell you for sure I would be out of a job if I failed as miserably as they have.

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Um… the game still grows and still makes money, apparently… so technically they aren’t failing…


Yeah, I’m envious of meteorologists too :wink:

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Maybe they should try a job where accuracy matters just like the devs here.

i don’t find it funny that my eyes hurt for 8 hrs after only fighting 7 exploration battles. maybe if i had been able to play longer i would have encountered these other issues. i also don’t find your puns particularly funny. my ‘focus’ is on the issue that prevents me from playing a game i enjoy in a guild with friends i love. glitches/nerfs are temporary until the next patch/meta. eye dmg is more serious.

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