3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


I was trying to do the Daily Tasks and change the Banner for a team and I couldn’t. Closed and re-opened the troop menu seem to work. There is a minor bug the Banner selection screen on console.

Visibility at least on a tablet is horrific. White or yellow characters on a light background? Maybe you can read it when you are 20 but I can’t

On PC version If I open my chat it stays on screen.
The whole window not just the time stamp lines.

The chat close button removes the chats functionality, but leaves the UI on top in an non functional state.
You can click the chat icon behind it and make it work again, but you can’t remove the window itself.

I have to reboot the game to get rid of it.

…also hate the new UI.

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Worst known issue of 3.2 is:

It may cause disgust and a deep welling hatred due to the new UI…and player to quit!

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Where is the PVP Defense setting grid that was there for us to set the cascade and pick focus??? It clearly isn’t there on the PVP Defense tab

The defense sliders were removed. I was sure I saw a post about it, but now I can’t find it. My forum google-fu is failing me, ugh.

Here’s one reference. I find it quite funny actually - #4 by Mithran

It was in the patch notes.


Thanks @Ashasekayi. I think I’m cross-eyed from dealing with the new UI if I missed it after re-skimming the patch notes 3 times :rofl:


Xbox luckily does not have the can target enemy bug.

Let me see… What’s wrong with this version…

First, I play on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and occasionally on PC.

  1. Stealthy Trait is not working (ie we can target them).
  2. On iPhone, when I go to “Troops & Teams”, I don’t see the information panel with troops count, weapons, banner…
    Speaking of this, it seems that I have 1775 weapons on 186 available … Nice :smiley:
  3. To number of map owned is not easy to find (go to Games → Click on question mark on Treasure Hunt, the map count is lost in the game explanation. Why not display it with glory/souls/Gems
  4. On the world map, the kingdom level seems wrong to me :
    → Seems to be 3 gold stars and 2 blue stars
    → In reality it’s 4 gold stars and 1 blue stars
    All the cities are like this… I think I understand why but I found it confusing.
    In addition, the next power level progress bar is always empty…
  5. For battery saving, I was playing in the lowest graphic quality (common) on my iPhone. All the pictures were so blurred that is was difficult to recognize minor major or runic traitstone and I don’t even speak of the kingdom power levels…
  6. On PVP, be careful of the team strength text color. I don’t remember from which city was my opponent but there is a city picture that is almost the same color… I could not read the value.
  7. In general, I’m not a great fan of the left/right scroll when winning a battle or opening chest. I find it more difficult to read.
  8. On iPad, the hero class (and the level class) is lower that it should be…

Have fun :slight_smile:


Stealth trait does not appear to be functioning correctly.

What happens: When casting a targeted spell an enemy with the stealthy trait gets the splash text of “stealth”, but then the enemy troop does not go dark/untargetable.

You can then click the ‘stealthy’ troop and cast the spell. This can happen even if the enemy has multiple non-stealth troops alive and active within the battle.

I don’t have a screen capture, but this should be pretty easy to check.

@GTSteve it’s even better than that. You can target ANY troop with ANY skill.

So if you had to pick one of your own guys to devour/sacrifice, now you can pick the opponent’s. Elspeth’s the new best troop!

I think this answers, “Do the devs play the game?” succinctly. They don’t even QA it, let alone play it.

Our korean guildmates have a similar problem. GoW doesn’t work anymore for them, with any device.

Edit: They have also changed the language from Korean to English on iOS and it works.
Problem solved.

Elsphet is broken.
First I noticed I got a huge lag during Elsphet cast (android-tablet), and I wanted to choose my last slot, but then finally killed my last troop but no mana generation only the summon.
Next battle (still on android tablet) I can’t even select the troop, it’s automaticly killed the last slot.
After clearing cache (which did nothing) and reinstalling the whole game, the situation got better. I can choose now, but still killing the last slot and no mana generation.
I switched to PC to test out it’s an android bug, or general. After updating the bug still on.

Btw, during mobile loading screen the app always alert me that there is an around 17 MB assets pack to download, but clearly there is not.

Another thing, why can’t I just skip the whole tutorial after reinstall, or go to settings and link my real account back? There is a skip button during the dialogs, but it’s only skip the dialog. And those forced moves what I have to take (clearly those tacticly wrong, eg. on the top there was a 4-pair, but Luther forced me to take a 3-pair skull. And the funny thing is he said before “Never miss a skull chance (unless there is a 4-pair match)…”.)
You need to give a chance to the new players to play themself, because this game is not that hard to play. Even my 10-year-old daughter knows that how to match 3/4/5 colors. Show the tooltip, and let the player choose their choice of match.

Elspeth and a couple other troops got a change to their spells to deal with the current bug with spell targeting:

Oh I see.
Then I change my troop ordinal inside the team until the permanent fix is out.


This Elspeth hot fix is exactly the kind of information that should be pushed out in the “News” section of the client. The vast majority of players are not on this forum.


Now it’s even better.
On android if I set the speed x4 then kills my last 2 troops, but I set the speed to x2 then kills only 1.

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Version 3.2 Glitch. PC Platform.

“Settings” Tab does nothing. Can’t quit the game. I’ve had to “Alt + D” to desktop, then “EXIT” on Steam icon to essentially crash the game. Also, I was able to target and kill my own Yeti with it’s own spell with this 3.2 “Upgrade”! Another issue, “Amount” filter on troop screen doesn’t actually work. Didn’t work before 3.2 upgrade either. Puts number along right, top side of screen, but never actually sorts the troops by number - leaves them in alphabetical order.

I am using the latest Android version, and the Dungeon appears to be broken. There are no boss icons, and the fight button does nothing.