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No thanks to the update ...GOW looks like crap now

The interface looks awful…harder to read. The graphics are confusing. With some many things broken in this game…it only makes perfect sense that the dev team breaks something that isn’t broken yet. Not

Who is the rocket scientist who thought the graphics and interface needed an overhaul???

Somebody needs to be fired. This is 21st century game development, folks.


This might be a game breaking deal for me. If it’s not reverted I simply can’t enjoy the game any longer, knowing how it was before.


If i bought GoW now, i’d probably just uninstalled it and search for a new game to play, honestly. Being with GoW so long and the fact i love(d) the game i’ll play further with hope this UI will be changed soon. But every battle played NOW brings me closer to the thought of “why would i struggle with this eye hurting thing any more”.


yeah same for me, with this new garbage ui I can’t stay just as many hours to play the game. eyes hurt and makes me feel sick.


It’s too hard to look at.

This is just another nail in the coffin. I have played since launch. I think this is the week I move on. I will give it a week for them to revert it or do something. Maybe if they nerf the shit out of kraken, trolls, and wisp I would care less about the UI.


I agree with you jerry, just launched the game. Its so inconsistent. With all the nice art in the game, now includes gradients, the old one was better fit for a fantasy themed game. Filters in troop screen screwed up, back in stone age. I used to search for troop synergy based on spell and traits. Dont even get me started on traitstones. I have no idea what is what.


Good to see Roy Chubby Brown designing the new UI. Awful is an understatement and I’ve seen this with other games before. If it’s not broken then don’t fix it.



The UI is the new meta lol


what team do i need to defeat the ui? :sweat_smile:


Lol good luck with that :sweat_smile:


I managed to last doing the tasks today and 2 guild wars battles. RIP gems of wars, you were great until you were finally broken.



I’ve the same impression. I try to play it but after 2 plays I close the game. I can’t enjoy this new interface.

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Team Good Taste :smiley:


I agree! Me and my wife have been l.o.v.i.n.g this game, it’s one thing we long for during work hours, to come home and relax with GoW.

But this new look… None of us can stand it. We have won 70+ PvP matches in a row, but suddenly we just don’t care about it any longer. It seems the devs wanted a “cooler”, “more trendy” audience. If that is the case, they will soon find out that match 3 games are not teenage favourites! We’re 39 y.o with a solid economy.

Change back to the old look our we’re out. Yesterday this was the best game ever. Today it’s total crap. Our eyes hurt. Literally.


It’s a game both my missus and I enjoy, after all I downloaded just to see if it’s something we both could play. She hasn’t logged on to see it yet but I know she will react the same as the majority, I doubt she even touch it again unless a UI revert happens.


You play it just like we do then. Nice to hear another married couple. Seems like the devs don’t know who they made the game for. I hope they revert it too. I say like the soldiers in No man’s land on Christmas Eve 1914, if we survive this, we must meet again … or at least our creatures must in an honest PvP. Cheers, John.

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It’s gunna give me nightmares tonight. And yep, no thanks.

Was fishy that we got it before PC to start with.

I just can’t believe they thought this is what people wanted?? Just words cant express how far off the mark they were here. They could of made something stunning, interesting and fitting with the fantasy theme, not blind us with neon icons on the map screen that look like they’ve been lifted from a completely different game/genre, and, take away all the personality/charm the troops had. Now all we get to TRY and see are the numbers covering them.

Total and utter stupidity.

It’s painful to play, I just about managed Guild Wars then closed it. It gave me a headache in half an hour of play. I cant imagine what it’s like for people with sight impairment.

Have worked hard with my guild, now I fear some members may walk. Half the community intends to if this isn’t sorted, fast.

Why oh why did they have to go and spoil something that wasn’t broke. This game has a huge community across platforms, why not listen to them…


I brought friends and family to play this game… and now the game has turned into another cheap looking card game.

My friends, family and even I can’t play this because it takes you everything even try and read the numbers on the cards.

If your target audience were teenagers I’ll have to dissappoint you because I happen to be one and I have to say I’m sick and tired of having to look at these modern interfaces. A modern interface could work if this was a game about space… but it’s not, it’s a fantasy game which used to look fantastic.

What’s the point in having a great game when you cant look at it without having a massive headache… :disappointed:


Let me know if you find one that works. I am going to try the Justice League.

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My husband wants me to hold on to the guild so he can run it when he comes back from his deployment. With this U(eye) sore, I don’t know if I will make it.