GoW Website Front Page Overhaul

Hello and good morning to you all,
After looking at the same old website for so long I think it needs a bit of an update for both clarity and accuracy.

The fantasy 'Ye Olde Scrolls" aspect of the game design has been abandoned so we need different banners

We are about 5 iterations past these cards, and although I miss them, a newer player could search for an hour in game before realizing they don’t exist.

Just looking at this screenshot…I just want to make out with it I love it so much, but alas it is also gone.

While this topic is partially facetious, I think a rework to show off the new style really is in order.

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You misunderstand. The current game is the beta and those are the graphics that will be restored in 4.0.


I feel like the Sunshine has just broken through the clouds.


Hm, speaking of…I wonder if it’s finally time to ditch the “Ye Olde Matche Three” look of GoWDB and just use the modern, clean look for everyone. The border colors of the troops, for instance, are probably just confusing to new players.


I would be happier than a Sheba with 20 Bunnies if these graphics returned. As of right now though, we’re stuck with the 3.6 graphics.

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Maybe our new graphics will just be 20 bunnies for @Sheba? Did you ever think of that?: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d be fine with that, because I like bunnies too.


I… I… I am… actually unsure if I would prefer 20 bunnies or the old graphics from the screenshot.
Yeah, that’s how much I love those old graphics! Really, really much!
21 bunnies would win, though, I think.:rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit:


@Saltypatra @ArkadeADD1CT

Here I made the game perfect, no need to thank me! :blush:Salty, please see that things get implemented quickly in bunny-speed!:rabbit::wink:


We have some very imminent plans to update the help center help center design, and, the team might also be updating the website in the near future as well. This is on the cards. :slight_smile:

@Sheba this was shared around the office quite quickly… perfect for Friday, thank you!

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Bunnies of War, yeah :grin:


You’re quite welcome!:blush: I hope your statement means that you guys have a meeting every Friday about how to change “Gems of War” into “Bunnies of Cuddles” or whatever you want to call it…:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Actually bunnies are pretty bad at war, seeing as they were made for cuddles and cuteness and more cuddles. If anything, they hold cuteness-contests sometimes, I guess, by doing adorable things together.