GoW DB: Plain Theme added


Another small update today. For those who don’t like seeing Mercy in all her glory displayed prominently in the background of the Gems of War Database site (and for those people who are at work and want something more discreet!), I’ve added a setting to the Account page where you can use a more neutral, plain theme for the site. Once set, you’ll get a gray argyle background where the themed artwork usually is, and less cartoony borders on each of the text blocks. (Game artwork will continue to display on relevant pages, though, so beware.)



Can the background be more simple to do?


I don’t quite understand the question. Can it be more simple to do what?




I mean I could do that. Is the pattern offensive? I thought I picked something fairly neutral.


Not offensive, just asked


Some people have an irrational hatred of argyle.


I see. I’ll try to find a less objectionable pattern.


I like argyle. Just saying.


Me too actually! I wish I had more occasion to wear argyle socks…


I’ve updated the look of the plain theme today. It looks cleaner in my opinion, and has 100% less argyle.


With the plain theme, the checklist on “my collection” still shows up with a black background. Intended?

The contrast is fine (maybe even preferred) when on my phone, but it looks a little goofy on my desktop.


Not intended, it’s an oversight. I’ll come up with a prettier look for it. Thanks!


The menu dropdowns also come up black. Again, I’m not sure if that is a plus or a minus (plus on mobile, minus on desktop, in my opinion).


Okay, fixed. Checklist should look less “black-and-white.” Not sure if I want to do anything about the menus, though, kind of like the contrast there.


That’s cool.

About that checklist, I’ve always found the way it sits to be a little odd. Specifically, the main data table sits centered in the screen, with the checklist pinned to the right-hand side (if there is room). Even when I have the browser window maximized, it will overlap the data-table a little bit, but there is a huge swath of white space on the left-hand side. If the window is less than maximized, the situation is worse, with increasing overlap from the checklist. With the plain theme off, there’s a lovely picture of you occupying that left-hand side, but with the plain theme on, there is just useless white space. Could the table be aligned left if the plain theme is activated?


Like, the whole page be left-aligned? Perhaps, I’d have to play with it.


Yeah, probably, but only when opened to “My collection”. The center alignment makes more sense on any other page, like Troops, Kingdoms or Settings.


Check it out now – what do you think?


Site is very clean now, thank you for plain theme.

Stupid question, I know its going to be an obvious answer but I do not see how to get to account settings once you are signed into the site and looking at “My Collection”? Can you direct me to how to do that so I can feel dumb and go watch TV for the rest of the night (horror movies, so I can feel smarter then the morons following Freddy into the boiler room).