You know you’ve been playing GoW too long when


You see this:

And the first thing you think is: “What does this symbol mean? This new UI has some wierd icons…”

And then your brain remembers where you are and you process all the information from your eyes and see this:


NOTE: Please add your own moments of “Gem Brain” taking over during real life!


How about when i close my eyes and see the gemboard? Lol happens all the time!


lol, this happens to me too!
I’ll take it a step further, have you ever started matching those gems?



mart law blegghh id rather drink sewer water than anything from that place xD


You know you’ve been playing too much GoW, when you find yourself still playing after the 3.2 patch…


Lol i absolutely have! I thought i was the only one hahahahhaaha


I hear the theme music all the time.

I try to match my quilt fabrics as if they were Gems.


Let’s see, what do I need at the grocery? Eggs, milk, runic earth traitstones…

Now you’re thinking with Gems.

I’ve experienced this as well. I think it’s a product of the brain adapting and developing a better grasp on the system. Little snippets of the wheels turning in our subconscious. It’s like how we can sometimes walk away from a tough question and realize the answer out of nowhere several hours later.

In other words, hooray for learning! We may not be able to match gems for a living, but regularly attempting puzzles is good for memory and cognitive abilities. Stay sharp; match gems.


Lol… Hell when i am unable to play gems i am usually thinking about team builds or what my plan of action will be when i can play or something…

This damn game is never far from my mind lol


Sometimes when I watch a movie or TV show, I’ll see a monster or cool character and think, “Wow, that would look great as a troop in GoW!”. That came to mind yesterday while watching “Stranger Things 2” actually.


Please! No ST2 spoilers i havent started it yet!



No worries. I never give out show spoilers. Plus, I only watched two episodes so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


My wife and I are 6 episodes in… I can’t believe there are only 9…



thank god I have like 6 episodes left…


Back to the original topic the main question i have is: is it even possible to “play too much GoW?” i submit it is not…


I mean, my old phone bricked itself when I was playing GoW because it overheated… so if you have an LG G4, I think I found the “too much” level :sweat_smile:


Point taken lol