Community Forum Theme

Hi forum folk,

We’ve temporarily removed the images from the forum theme due to issues with the Gems of War website which we’re working on.

Sorry things aren’t as pretty for now.

If you end up enjoying this minimalistic theme let us know as we can consider keeping it as an option for users even after we’ve fixed the website (although the default theme will remain as the one with the images).

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Oh no, this is the beginning of the end! :sob: :grimacing: (rainy mornings make me a bit doomy)

While not pretty, at least now clicking a thread takes you to the last unread post in the thread, not to the very last post in the thread. It wasn’t a real problem if two or three new posts appeared. But it was a problem with 20… scrolling up to look for the last unread post was annoying.
My vote is - keep the minimalistic theme as an option. Properly functional beats pretty.


A lot of players from my guild can’t reach your site.

I actually really like this and would appreciate it being kept as a toggle option.

As Dwuemka said, it fixes the read posts scroll issue, and loads really quickly.


I like the minimalist theme please keep it


The minimalist theme is so much better.


The minimalist theme is so much easier on my eyes. Please consider keeping it as a permanent option.

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Everything is really weird and muted. I do not like this – not because of any layout issues, but because there is a ton of gray text against… a gray background.

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I like it.
Please consider as option.


It reads better on phone (on dark mode atleast) and I like that the functionality seems better (updated/new since last visit is working as is the last comment scrolling). I like it

That would be a legit bug in … something specific to this forum’s configuration.

The “minimalist” aesthetic actually IS kind of nice (and what people like myself typically prefer a forum to be by default), but it leaves a lot of posts feeling like there is too much padding/spacing between them, or just not enough visual separation between elements.

(edit) and the UI elements (reply box, etc) having an accent color of 50% green is DEFINITELY too dark to be properly visible.

I was redirected here, to give my feedback here.
I liked the new design for its’ freshness but

  • Dark grey on a little lighter grey is hard to see
  • dark grey/dark green combo also hard to see
  • as somebody else mentioned the useful content looks narrower, I understand that responsive design is the new trendy shit but then make it responsive and let it use at least 80% of a monitor.
  • a pop-up banner would have been a great help to find out what happened and why I can’t see shit on the page, and where you can restore the older theme