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Happy 1 Year New Forum Anniversary!

For those of you that do not know, there use to be a different Gems of War forum. It was nowhere near as convenient as the current forum that we use. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of when the devs officially launched this new forum publicly. It is nothing too big, but the anniversary achievement reminded me, so I figured I mention it. :slight_smile:


I remember the old forum. You’re right, this one is much nicer and easier to use. Happy Anniversary!

Now where is the cake \o/ :cake: :champagne: :birthday:

I had no idea it was so young. This is the best forum, mechanically speaking, I’ve ever used. I don’t really like how it times you to mark a post as read, but everything else is great.

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I remember lurking on the old forum before finally signing up on this new one. And now I’m back to mostly lurking…

:birthday: :tada: :beers:


I agree. I’ve used about every forum software out there over the last 20 years. This one is really user friendly.

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It is really good. But how do I reply to you, quote somebody else in here, and then quote from another thread all without the one reply?

It takes a little bit of manual editing. I don’t know if there’s an automatic way to multi-quote…

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It’s not really

Hard to multi-quote.

Etc. .

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Automatic or manually achieved witchcraft?

Manually on the phone :stuck_out_tongue:

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Obviously, since that first quote didn’t make sense. :smiley: