Bad hard to see forum design

I like the new fresh look, but the colors are stupid.
Who in their right mind would design this color combination? Dark grey on dark green?

Beside my “avatar” there are two icons barely visible, search and the hamburger menu.
The message counter is barely visible. The reply button is also hard to see. Same problems with the unread messages on topics.

Please consider better color combinations!

I have a dark mode add-on for too bright web pages, if I turn it on the forum looks like this:

The add-on removes some of the colors and design but other parts are much easily visible, especially the search and hamburger menu icons.



Oof. I’ll second this.
Personally I prefer the opposite of dark mode, I find it easier to read black text on white background (hey, not everybody prefers dark mode → we are all different & have different vision).

But… that dark green on dark grey.

I’ll just continue to stick with the old 2018 UI, it looks awful but at least it works & more importantly to me: it consistently allows me to visit threads at the correct post instead of throwing me into random position / last post like the 2019.1 UI does.

[edit] Actually, another thing that bugs me with this new UI: it’s even more narrow than the others. As a desktop user that runs 1920x1080, it makes even less use of the screenspace, leaving half of it empty. :confused:

The 2018 one has this funny issue for me though:
(at the top of the main page)

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This current “dark mode” is actually an accident, because something on the intended theming broke. Details:

As @Stratelier has already linked, we posted a thread about the themes as we were having some issues.

You can change between themes in your Forum account preferences.

If you still have the minimalist theme active, this is just the default version of this. We haven’t changed anything as of yet, which is why some icons are hard to see because it is set to the default colours.
But the team is aware and if players are keen on this look over what has become the standard forum design, let us know in the Community Forum Theme thread - so then all the feedback is in one place.

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