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A General GOW Question

I keep wondering…

Isn’t there any alternative design environment other than hell to inspire game designers ???

I could quickly think of a couple other inspiring places like space or ancient mythology…

Now, almost 98% of existing and new troops have horns and are demon-like creatures.

Not exactly politically correct, IMHO.

whats political about them having demon troops? unless you are calling politicians actual demons in which case i agree completely!

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The pure truth is that the devs are out of ideas and lazy. Empowerment proves that. Change the colour transform, bang it in glory shop; job done.


OK you got me, I was fishing there about politica.

My main concern is the constant “satanist” graphics approach of the game.

I can agree that the game graphic designers are somehow lazy to procure something different than the usual “hellish” environments and characters. There should be a serious discussion among the devs, though, about adding something graphically new to the game from an alternative -more positive- source of inspiration. Perhaps, an ethereal zone (opposite to underworld) with strong troops of light, or a space zone with extraterrestrial characters.

Always IMHO.

Oh good grief! Please spare us the Christian propaganda…

Look up the history of “demonising” anything that doesn’t fit in with a particular religious ideology (hint: Pan, the Horned God is a good place to start) and if your children have nightmares, stop telling them they’ll go to Hell for believing anything that you don’t like.

In the mean time, @Saltypatra please close this thread, we’re here to play a game, not have someone preach at us!!


I’m not trying to preach anything. Your good may be my bad, or vice-versa. No red flags or alarms. We both enjoy the game. The thing about my kids was handled and they changed it to Brawl Stars, no real harm done.

I’m just saying here that devs need to enrich their visual vocabulary some day in the near future. It’s getting repetitive. Just that.

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I’m just not sure I see the repetition :man_shrugging:

Adana is steampunk. Forest of thorns is plant-y. Whitehelm is Angelic. There are kingdoms for soldiers, demons, undead, bears, giants, and even Egyptian-inspired things.

This week is the week of Blighted Lands, and it’s true to say that Sin of Miraj is hellish-on-purpose. But the majority of the game, or even some recent content (like the bugs in the Deep Hive)? I’m not seeing the trend.


I currently own 851 different troops. Almost the 80% of them have horns. It’s getting a cliché. True, there are some kingdoms outside the hellish format, but they seem like an exception in the general demonic background. I’m saying there’s no balance in the design.
it would stir things up if devs could create a new delve world such as deep space region or ancient (greek, scandinavian etc.) mythology area.

80% …? :confused:

Please make a list of all these hundreds of troops that have ‘horns’ :wink:

I’m not seeing what you do…

EDIT* I see in your OP this was stated as 98%. Not sure if this number was changed recently, I didn’t see it because it got flagged/hidden until now.
In any case, you seem to have some agenda here and don’t want to waste time on this any more. I’m out.


When I saw the hyperbole I was like, “Maybe an 80/20 split would make sense if it was Horn-less/Horned” :joy:

And a lot of the “demonic” troops aren’t horned anyway. A lot of troops with horns, like Caprinicus and Wargoat, aren’t horned because they’re demons. There are rhinos in this game with horns—do they count, when the OP counts? I don’t think they should. And what about spikes that are meant to look like crowns, or helmet adornments (King Mikhail)? I wouldn’t count that, either.

As far as a sci-fi kingdom: could be cool, but also not in the style of Krystara unless the devs say some spaceship crashed or an ancient, technologically advanced civilization once existed in a long-lost land. So it makes sense that we don’t see futuristic elements in a game that is decidedly old-timey fantasy.

Angels are already very present. See Whitehelm. See Sword’s Edge. See literally any Divine troop, almost. This is also true for the request for things from “ancient mythology”—we already have TONS. Ancient Egypt in Khetar. Wulfgarok seems pretty close to Fenrir to me, from Norse legends—and all the giants, too! Scylla and Charbdis from Ancient Greece (to my chagrin) are conflated in a single troop, the game is so chock-full of references from the Ancient Mediterranean. Vodyanoi and Baba Yaga from Russian/Slavic folklore. What are unicorns if not Christian folklore—and Sister Superior, anyone?—or dragons, for that matter (which are even more universal, culturally speaking).

Like…what are we even talking about? Krystara is clearly full of fantasy-diversity of various kinds :rofl:


Don’t you forget, most of the Wildfolks count too… :rofl: :joy:


Plus its full of furries…

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