Please undo the graphical changes

The changes to troop graphics are really bad for anyone with any kind of vision issue (aka a lot of people!)

I’ve been pretty vocal about what I think are some wrongheaded moves with grind, choice nerfing and monetization. But other than raising my fortuitously low blood pressure up to normal, those things aren’t a health danger. These new graphics are.

Staring at screens is bad in general, but you can’t do anything about that and still have a digital game. You CAN, however, not compound the bad with obnoxious graphics.

I’m a long time player. 5+ years? I’m not one of the whales you guys are chasing but I’m also not ftp. Call me a long term drip feeder. lol. But these graphics are actually physically hurting me. If you ask me to spend 10 bucks for a pass? Sure. But now you are asking me to go blind. Sorry, but nope.



Same here, i usually dont post on forum, but last changes made me to write 3 cents.
Im spending my time with game 7h per week, i have fun with ur game and have good relaxed time with it. Now with new UI i dont wanna play it anymore. No relax, no fun. Im only VIP 5 lvl player but remember Puzzle Quest and was good game with clean great UI


Agreed. It’s mildly nauseating and extremely frustrating. I’ve been playing for a year, I’ve gotten others playing it as well.

I spent gems to prep for the class event and couldn’t stand looking at it long enough to even make a team. Waited a while and did a daily quest with a familiar team, I could barely stand to finish that match.

If this change stays, I’m going to be warning people off. In 32 years of gaming, this is the only time I’ve ever called something “unplayable”.


I used to play Marvel Puzzle Quest until they pulled the same kind of crap and did a horrible redesign. I quit that game and picked up GoW, which imo is loads more fun. I just can’t believe that yet again I’m having to drop another game due to bafflingly awful UI changes.