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New update on PS4

I do not like the new update on the PS4. It’s very hard to see especially for those of us that have bad eyesight. It’s also very confusing to navigate. I know the other way was “outdated” but it was easy to see and navigate. Plus on the battle board, everything is smaller. I have a 55" TV and it’s still small. Please change it back.


The background for the gems on the board, is like a transparent chess board. This really mess with my eyes when it is combined with all the gems and their colors on the board. I hope they will make it like before, without it being transparent.


It really should have been optional. It’s a visual disaster.



I have registered only to say that, in my opinion, the new update (in PS4) is an absolute disaster.

It’s awfully ugly, the game board is worst to see, it’s less intuitive than before, the troops cards are very, very ugly and simple, menu… oh my good. When i start the game with the new update installed, my first impression was that something go wrong and I restart the game… but no, it was de real update.

It seems like a 90’s game

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There is a difference between “pretty” and usefulness and honestly with so many people disliking the new UI, it would be better to change it to something we can both enjoy and play easily.


I agree. I sent a message on facebook and got back a response today. They will not change it back to the “original” but they will be rolling out something beginning of next week. So we have to suffer through this and see what the changes will be like. Hopefully the Devs give us some cool swag for the trouble we’ve been in.

And meanwhile I have people wanting to leave a top guild because of this :disappointed_relieved::persevere::worried:

Unfortunately it has come to the point where devs want to kill off the fan base and the amount of players, that’s how it appears. The UI obviously wasn’t tested before rolling out, it certainly wasn’t finished. Such a bad move will become obvious with the drop in players and profits.