New changes implimented today

some feedback on the new look …needs lot of work hp and armor hard to view the look actually hurst my eyes so ill ve temp removing myself from the game

my 2 cents



I feel that this interface is horrible, no reason to sugar coat it, it is one of the worst things I have ever seen unfortunately, I would like the old one back with any new functions, the world map looks like trash, I cant find anything, it gives me a headache, I cannot tell what the heck is going on in the battles, I do like the fact that you can switch out of the match faster, but that only saves a few seconds


EVERYTHING is brighter it looks very modern and contemporary which in my opinion just doesn’t fit. The troops stats are difficult to read, and they no longer have the “old fashioned” artistic appeal to them, I liked that they looked like cards. The in game changes (battles) are awful I can’t even play it’s so bright it gives me a headache and makes my eyes hurt! I do like the way info is layed out after a battle but again everything is to bright. I normally spend several hours a day playing (don’t judge me) but for the first time EVER I don’t want to play!

Pretty pretty please tone down the colors and go back to the old layout.


I will say that I do really like the new chat menu :+1:

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The white text is a huge problem. It makes everything hard to read - your team names, your stats during battle, etc. This is absolutely horrible - can you at least put some kind of thin border around the white characters to give some contrast?